How To Manifest Your Crush on Paper (9 Easy Ways)

How To Manifest Your Crush On Paper

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. To manifest your dreams, you must align your frequency with the reality you wish to manifest your dreams.

The premise behind manifesting and using the Law of Attraction is that thoughts become things. We can create a better reality by focusing on what we want. The Law of Attraction is a great tool to manifest your crush.

Journaling to manifest your crush is a powerful way to align with the reality where you are together with him.

First, write down all the qualities you respect and admire in him. Write how you want to treat him and how it will make you feel. Next, write a list of actions you can take daily to align yourself with this state of being. Treat yourself with love, nourish yourself, and validate your emotions.

Manifesting your crush by journaling is mainly about changing your default emotional state as your emotions set the tone for your frequency. As soon as you raise your frequency, you will be able to manifest much more effectively.

Remember that you must take inspired action and that journaling alone won’t be enough. Think of your journaling practice as creating a blueprint for manifesting your desired reality and then taking inspired action in real life to align with your goals.

Read on to discover more in-depth the 9 ways how you can manifest your crush on paper.

9 Ways To Manifest Your Crush on Paper

9 Ways To Manifest Your Crush On Paper

The goal of journaling and writing is to clear your mind, organize your thoughts, explore your subconscious mind and discover what practices you need to start and which actions you must take to align with your desired reality.

Journaling will help you align your subconscious mind and adjust your behavioral patterns so you can synchronize and enter your desired reality.

1. Choose an Inspiring Journal

Buy a beautiful journal that inspires you. The more you like it, the more likely you will use it daily.

Think about the life you wish to live and choose a journal that reflects your taste. This journal should reflect your personality and express your individuality.

2. Write Down the Qualities You Love About Them

Write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how small or silly it may seem.

  • What do you love about them?
  • What makes them special to you?
  • What are their best qualities?
  • Why do you want to be with them?

Once you understand what you’re looking for, it will be easier to take the necessary steps to bring your crush into your life.

3. Write How You Want Your Crush to Treat You

After you journal about their qualities, take time to imagine both of you together.

Visualize your relationship, the things you wish you would do together, and ask yourself how you want your crush to treat you. The answer to this question will give you the key to manifesting them in your life.

Write in as much detail as possible. Some examples include:

  • I want them to treat me with love and care.
  • I want them to take me to see movies.
  • I want them to give me nice gifts.
  • I want them to treat me like their best friend.

You can write endless things here; think of whatever makes your heart rejoice. Don’t overthink this, and don’t write things you feel you should expect; instead, write things that truly inspire you.

4. Journal About Changes You Need To Make

After you have journaled about the qualities you love about your crush and how you want them to treat you, you will have to turn this into your action plan.

The most powerful manifesting secret you will probably consider an unexpected plot twist is that you must now… give those things to yourself!

Once you start nourishing yourself with the frequency you desire to experience in your future relationship, you connect with the timeline where your crush is also providing these things for you.

Write two lists in your journal- the qualities you must embody and how you should treat yourself.

Here is an example of what it might look like:

The qualities I must embody:

  • Become more caring.
  • Be more patient towards myself and others.
  • Be more adventurous.

The way I must treat myself:

  • Spoil myself with nice gifts without any reason.
  • Be loving towards myself.
  • Appreciate my good qualities and stop beating myself up.

Once you are finished, journal about the clear action steps you must take daily to embody these qualities and show yourself love and care daily.

5. Create Self-Appreciation Journal

Your life experiences and the world around you reflect how you feel about yourself. If you have low self-worth, you will likely struggle with finances and affection from others. Self-appreciation journaling is a powerful way to help you raise your self-worth.

In your journal, write down all of the things that you appreciate about yourself. Include both physical and inner qualities. For example: “I appreciate my sense of humor” or “I appreciate my ability to stay calm under pressure.”

Once you have a long list of things you appreciate about yourself, read it often. Remind yourself of your worthiness and how much you have to offer a potential partner. It will help you to approach your crush from a place of confidence and high self-esteem.

As you journal and reflect on your positive qualities, you will start to attract people into your life who appreciate those same things about you. Before you know it, your crush will be right there in front of you, mirroring all the wonderful things you see in yourself.

6. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Focusing on the positive things in your life raises your frequency and aligns you with even more positive experiences in your life. When you are grateful, you are in a state of happiness and peace. It is the perfect state to attract what you want into your life, including your crush.

Write down daily everything that you are grateful for in your life. Include things like your health, family, friends, job, etc. Think about what you are writing and feel the emotion of gratitude as you write.

The more details you can include, the better. For example, if you are grateful for your health, write down specific things like how good it feels to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

7. Write a Love Letter to Yourself From Your Crush

Find a quiet moment. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Close your eyes and imagine you travel to the future where you and your crush are together. Take some time to visualize your relationship and imagine how it feels.

Imagine how you feel and how your crush feels to be with you. Now, take a piece of paper and write a love letter to you from your crush. Be as specific as possible.

Write all things your crush will appreciate and admire about you. Be as genuine and loving as possible. Embody these feelings in your letter.

It will help you align with the frequency of receiving love from your crush. It will also help you align with the future version of yourself.

When you are done, you can mail the letter to yourself. Or place it under your pillow. It is a very personal manifesting technique, so make sure nobody else reads the letter.

Keep it to yourself and burn it after you are done with this manifesting practice. Feel the love from your crush as you are burning it; the fire will deliver your desires to invisible realms and help you manifest faster!

8. Think About How You Will Improve Each Other’s Lives

Too often, we think of relationships as only looking pretty together as a couple. But in reality, they are much more than that. Relationships are energy exchange dynamics between people that should improve the lives of everyone involved.

Think about ways you will inspire each other and improve each other’s lives. Some examples include:

  • We have a deep connection and are physically, emotionally, and intellectually attracted to each other.
  • We make each other laugh and enjoy spending time together doing things we both love.
  • We support and encourage each other to grow and be the best versions of ourselves.
  • We’re honest with each other and always keep our promises.

Once you are done, read through your list and think of which qualities you must improve in yourself and your character to align with your vision.

It is easy to expect others to change our lives, but we will only attract these behaviors from other people when we are aligned with the frequency of giving them to ourselves.

9. Take Inspired Action

Manifesting won’t work until you take inspired action. Now that you have laid out the blueprint and are clear about what you want, it is time to take action.

It doesn’t mean becoming obsessive and stalking his social media or showing up to his place uninvited. It means visiting places your crush visits or starting a conversation with them once you feel the time is right.

Remember that working on your character and treating yourself how you wish to be treated are the most powerful actions you can take. They will raise your frequency and help you connect with your crush through synchronicities.


There are many success stories of people using the Law of Attraction to manifest their crushes. The important thing is to remove all the obstacles, such as limiting beliefs from your way, stay positive and focus on what you want, and the Universe will do the rest.

Trust fully and surrender to the Universe – soon, the Universe will help you transform your life for the better, and you will be able to enjoy your life with your crush!