How To Start Manifesting: The Ultimate Guide

How To Start Manifesting

Manifesting might seem like a confusing topic before you have started to explore it. How does it work, and what is the right way to do it?

Everything in the Universe is energy, and our destiny is shaped by our thoughts, beliefs, and focus. Whatever we focus on grows and expands.

Manifesting means consciously choosing our thoughts and shaping our behavior to support our reality unfolding the way we most desire.

To begin manifesting, you have to learn to relax, do shadow work, heal your inner child and observe and recognize your emotions and subconscious thought patterns. Self-knowledge is the key when it comes to manifesting.

Some of them might seem like small or unimportant steps, but they are necessary when manifesting and will turn your life into a fertile ground for your desires to bloom and thrive. All of this will help you create the life you desire. 

Manifesting is an exciting journey that is right for you if you are interested in consciously creating your reality and shaping your destiny. When you are truly committed to it and passionate about it, nothing is off-limits if you genuinely explore it and learn about the mechanics behind it.

We have created this comprehensive guide for you to learn how to start your exciting manifestation journey. 

9 Tips on How To Start Manifesting

Some of the tips you will read here are rarely talked about in manifestation communities, but they are the make it or break it when it comes to creating your dream life.

These nine tips will make manifestation possible. Don’t overlook them if some of them seem too simple. Each of them will help you become the creator of your dream life. 

Think of manifestation as a muscle you need to train to get stronger. As you keep practicing and applying these nine tips to your life, you will notice how your manifestation abilities will magnify and expand.

1. Learn to Relax

Learn To Relax

Your ability to relax your body is directly linked to your ability to manifest. As everything in the Universe is made up of energy, so are you and your body. When you feel good, you are in a relaxed state.

When you worry, stress, overthink your past mistakes, or are concerned about the future, your muscles tense up. This makes it very difficult for manifestation to work as the tension in your body creates tension in your energy field and, therefore, a resistance for new experiences to come into your life.

Observe your body moment to moment throughout the day and intend to relax all of your body parts one by one consciously. You can even set notifications on your phone throughout the day that will remind you to relax your body. 

2. Observe Your Thoughts

Observe Your Thoughts

Our thoughts create our reality, and we attract what we focus on consciously or subconsciously.

Multiple studies have found that most of the thoughts we think throughout our day are repetitive, and ironically most of them are negative. Your present reality is a reflection and a result of the thoughts you’ve been thinking over the years. 

If you desire to change your reality, you must change your thought patterns. You can do it by becoming very mindful of them and learning to observe your thoughts moment to moment.

Try not to judge them as that will only intensify them and give them more power over you. Instead, pay attention and observe them as if they were clouds in the sky – coming and going. If this is difficult for you, learning about and incorporating mindfulness practices into your daily life will be very beneficial. 

3. Learn to Recognize Your Emotions

Learn To Recognize Your Emotions

Emotions are at the root of manifesting. You experience your emotions as sensations in your body. Think of emotions as energy currents that flow through you. 

Negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy, envy, disappointment, and fear, make you tense. In contrast, positive emotions, such as joy and excitement, relax your body and give you a sense of expansion.

It is because positive emotions make you a match to positive – expansive vibrations, while negative emotions make your energy body contract, become smaller, and align you with negative vibrations. 

Look up lists online that list all the emotions, check in with yourself during the day and learn to name your emotions at all times.

The more familiar you become with your emotions at all moments and observe your emotional frequency throughout the day, the better you will be able to work with these subtle energies. 

4. Connect With Your Body

Connect With Your Body

Our thoughts and emotions work together and create the reality we experience. Positive thoughts nurture positive feelings and emotions, while negative thoughts make us sad and depressed.

However, our emotions also affect our thoughts, further perpetuating the cycle. The best way to break this cycle is to connect with your body and find out how you can make it feel better. 

Observe yourself and pay attention to what makes your body feel good. Is it dancing, a massage, maybe a warm bath? Do you enjoy jogging, stretching, or maybe swimming?

Pay close attention to your body’s needs and be nurturing and caring towards it. Giving your body the care and love it needs will put your mind at ease and help you focus positively, which is required for manifesting your desired reality.

5. Do Shadow Work

Do Shadow Work

Our consciousness consists of the parts we are aware of and the parts we are not aware of (the subconscious aspects of it.)

You can think of it like an iceberg, the conscious mind being the visible part of the iceberg, with a much larger part that is hidden from our view. 

The subconscious mind controls and affects most of our behavior, thoughts, and actions. Throughout our lives, we experience a variety of negative experiences that make us reject certain aspects of ourselves, often because we learned that from our parents.

All of these aspects end up in our subconscious or “the shadow” side of our personality, meaning that it is hidden from our view and awareness. Shadow aspects don’t mean that they are necessarily bad, just hidden. But even though we are unaware of it, it still controls our lives. 

Your shadow also attracts experiences and people to your life, this way trying to get your attention to the aspects of your consciousness you have been oppressing or ignoring within yourself. This is true for absolutely all humans.

If you want to get to know yourself, truly transform your life and become a conscious creator of your reality, do thorough research on shadow work and ways you can become aware of your own shadow.

6. Work With Limiting Beliefs

Work With Limiting Beliefs

We pick up whatever we believe from our life experiences, our parents, and society at large. Often we can simultaneously hold opposing or contradictory beliefs, which is natural.

However, this can often feel unpleasant and hinder our ability to manifest. If we focus on achieving something and simultaneously subconsciously doubt that it can come true, we will harm our chances of manifesting what we want.

Journal your thoughts and feelings daily and observe your subconscious patterns. This will help you explore your limiting beliefs.

When you recognize you hold opposing beliefs, for example, you desire something but simultaneously secretly worry if you are capable or worthy of achieving it, don’t lie to yourself by repeating affirmations you subconsciously don’t believe in as they won’t work.

Instead, explore why you believe those things and consider cognitive behavioral therapy to help you rewire the beliefs that don’t serve your highest good.

7. Heal Your Inner Child

Heal Your Inner Child

All of us were once children, and even when we grow up, a part of us still feels like the children we once were. This part of you knows what experiences will bring you the most joy, excitement, and fulfillment.

As children, we were often discouraged and sometimes even punished if we expressed ourselves freely, and this caused our self-expression to shut down. 

Healing this part of you will help your manifestation abilities like nothing else. Your Inner Child is the most powerful when it comes to manifestation, as true joy, love, and happiness act as a magnet for positive experiences.

Editor’s Tip

Look up videos and books about healing your Inner Child. There are many great meditations you can find online for your Inner Child. 

8. Trust the Universe

Trust The Universe

When you are on your manifestation journey, you must trust fully that you will receive the life and experiences you are craving.

This is why you need to get to know yourself well and recognize if you have any limiting beliefs, as if you have concerns and worries, you will manifest more of those in your life.

Know that the Universe is your best friend and has your best interests in mind.

9. Align With Your Desires

Align With Your Desires

Too often, we think that once our desires become a reality, we will feel happy, joyful, happy, and content.

The truth is, feeling these things in the first place, regardless of our current circumstances, will attract the desired results into our life.

Remember that your thoughts and feelings are a magnet for experiences you attract into your life. If you feel positive and happy and do your best to focus positively, your intentions will come true. 

The best you can do to feel positive emotions daily is to practice gratitude. Create a gratitude journal or simply think daily of things you are grateful for having in your life.

This will rewire your neural connections and help you focus on what you already have instead of lacking something. And this will help you manifest everything you desire.


Learning to create your reality and manifesting your desired experiences is an exciting and empowering journey. By following the steps in this article, your life will be transformed, and you will attract more positive experiences than you ever thought were possible.