How To Know if Your Soulmate Is Manifesting You

How To Know If Your Soulmate Is Manifesting You

Life is like a maze – to get closer to something, sometimes we first have to move in the opposite direction.

Even if your soulmate is far away and you have not met them yet, it is possible they are longing for you and wanting to meet you as badly as you desire to meet them.

But how can you be sure of this? Are there any signs that can tell you that your soulmate is manifesting you?

Everything in the universe works like a mirror; your inner world is reflected in the world and vice versa. The more you evolve on your spiritual journey, the closer you come to meeting your soulmate, and the higher are chances they are manifesting you.

So instead of guessing if they are manifesting you, your best bet is recognizing your frequency – if you have started often noticing angel numbers, synchronicities have started often happening in your life, and you receive unexpected tips and blessings from the universe, it is very likely that your soulmate is manifesting you!

You will often hear that there are clear signs that your soulmate is manifesting you, such as seeing angel numbers or significant dreams.

The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to tell if these signals are indeed coming from your soulmate or they are coming from your angels, spirit guides, your future self, or your higher self. It can be any of these.

Interestingly, as the universe is intertwined, it can mean multiple of these things simultaneously.

Below you can find out the 7 clear signs that your soulmate is consciously trying to manifest you.

7 Signs That Your Soulmate Is Manifesting You

7 Signs That Your Soulmate Is Manifesting You

Think of the world around you as an endless sea of mirrors; each person you meet is a reflection of something within you. Just like everything in this world, your soulmate is a reflection of you.

You will meet them at the perfect time and place, which means that your soulmate will be ready to meet you at the exact moment you are ready to meet them!

Here are clear signs that this time is coming and that your soulmate might be already consciously trying to manifest you.

1. You See Angel Numbers

As explained earlier, starting to frequently notice angel numbers, such as 11:11 or 444 on the clock or car signs, can mean different things.

It can mean your guardian angel is giving you a loving nod and letting you know he is with you, or it can be your spirit guide, reminding you that you are not alone on your path.

However, it can also be a sign from the universe that your soulmate is thinking of you and manifesting you.

2. You Experience Synchronicities

When you notice that random occurrences and coincidences are often happening in your life, it might be a sign of your soulmate manifesting you.

Especially if unexpected things happen in your life, such as last-minute plan changes or cancellations, it can mean that your soulmate is nearby and truly wants to meet you, so your life path is being adjusted to become more aligned with meeting your soulmate.

Pay attention when this happens, and don’t try to resist it; your happiness might be just where you least expect it!

3. You See Meaningful Dreams

If you are not a vivid dreamer but have recently started seeing meaningful dreams, it might mean your soulmate is thinking of you. As you are evolving spiritually, and as your frequency is increasing, your soulmate is also very likely going through their spiritual evolution.

Although it is not guaranteed that the direct cause of your dreams is your soulmate manifesting you, likely, they are at least thinking of you or getting prepared by the universe to meet you.

4. You Feel Them

If you have a strong sense that a part of you is missing and you feel that there is a person who might be your soulmate, there is a reason for this feeling.

Although it might also mean that you are missing your soul parts and that soul retrieval practices would be very beneficial for you, it can mean that what you are missing is the presence of your soulmate in your life.

If you feel them, it means they are somewhere thinking of you and most likely can feel you too!

5. You See Them in Your Dreams

If you wake up with a feeling that you have seen your soulmate in your dream, it might mean that they are thinking of you.

Even if the image was unclear, even if you don’t know who they are or how exactly they look, the feeling that they are your soulmate lingers, and the likelihood that your soulmate is manifesting you is very high.

The subconscious mind is very active during sleep and can perceive signals that it can’t perceive and recognize during waking hours.

If you have seen a soulmate who is a stranger in your dreams more than once, it is almost guaranteed they are manifesting you in their lives!

If it is someone you already know in real life and you yourself are manifesting, then it gets a little more tricky because it might be your own thoughts and focus on them that made you see them in your dreams.

6. You Feel Excited Without an Apparent Reason

Suppose a sudden inspiration strikes you during the day without an apparent reason. In that case, it can mean multiple things – maybe someone is praying for you and sending you good intentions, maybe someone is thinking good thoughts, maybe your spirit guides are sending you loving intentions, or maybe your soulmate is thinking of you and manifesting you!

Tap into your intuition to recognize which one of these is most likely to be true.

Either way, don’t get carried away by overthinking and just follow the beautiful feeling of inspiration. Pay attention to what it is telling you and how exactly it is making you feel.

If it inspires you to go to a certain place or partake in a specific activity, definitely act on this urge, as this way, you are likely to meet your soulmate!

7. You Feel That Your Life Is About To Change

If you have an unexplained sensation that your life is about to change in a big way and some big shift is coming, your soulmate is likely manifesting you.

It might mean that you are evolving spiritually and that your frequency has increased so much that you are ready to meet your soulmate.

When we finally meet our soulmate, many things in our life change and shift, and it feels like we have entered a new reality. Sometimes we might initially mistake someone who is our twin flame for our soulmate, in which case there might be some dramatic shifts happening in our lives.

Those might not always be pleasant, but they always serve our highest good. Relationships with soulmates are generally much smoother and more joyful!


Keep in mind – even if your soulmate is not yet manifesting you consciously, it might be because they subconsciously don’t feel ready to meet you yet. It means they have some learning and growing to do before they meet you!

So even if they are not yet manifesting you, they are still moving closer to you!