How To Get Into Crystals and Manifesting

How To Get Into Crystals And Manifesting

You might have noticed the spiritual trends all over TikTok and Instagram. The New Age culture has s beautiful aesthetic that often comes with crystals, feathers, books, tarot cards, candles, Palo Santo, women’s circles, and boho dresses.

You might have started to develop an interest in these trends and might want to bring some of them into your life.

It is important that you recognize why you are interested in this – is it the visual aspect of it that appeals to you, or are you interested in delving into spirituality more deeply?

To get into crystals and manifesting, you will first need to recognize the reasons you want to get into it. Journal to get to know yourself and study your emotions, especially your triggers. You will need to research ideas and concepts of spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and unconditional love. You should also learn about the properties of different crystals.

Starting a spiritual journey can be exciting and rewarding, but at times a challenging path as you will have to face yourself and see all things about yourself that you have been trying to ignore and suppress. If you are into it for aesthetic reasons only, it will be much easier, but it won’t transform your life on a deep level.

6 Steps To Get Into Crystals and Manifesting

6 Steps To Get Into Crystals And Manifesting

Too often, we go through life trying to impress others, playing a character we want others to see, and not being authentic. Modern society encourages this by promoting social standards that distort the way we see ourselves and others.

Our desire to be accepted and loved makes us betray our true selves and start pretending to be someone we are not. When this game gets too painful and hard to play, we start questioning our true nature and the reasons we came into this world for.

This is the beginning of a personal spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening sets you on a journey that marks the beginning of your new life.

1. Know Your Why

Journal about your current experiences and the reasons that made you get into crystals and manifesting. This will help you see what your next steps are.

The world is rapidly changing on a global level, and a massive shift in collective consciousness is taking place. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, and society is changing as a result.

Many people are confronted with unpleasant experiences and as a result, experience a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening usually happens in dark moments when we are confronted by life and forced to admit that the way we previously viewed the world is limited and incomplete.

If this is happening to you, you are ready to dive deeply into spirituality. If you are primarily just attracted by boho aesthetics, your path and the next steps you should take will be more gradual and based on the visual elements that attract you.

2. Get To Know Yourself

Get To Know Yourself

The main part of the spiritual journey is getting to know yourself. The external world mirrors your inner world. The better you get to know and understand yourself, the better you will be able to manifest your desired reality.

Journaling is one of the best tools for that, and it’s crucial you take it up as you start your spiritual journey. Journal daily, and write down your thoughts and emotions.

3. Pay Attention to Your Triggers

Triggers will teach you more about yourself than anything else. As a society, we often try to move in a different direction from what triggers us and blame others for behaving the wrong way.

When you understand that everything is interconnected and everything is energy, you become aware that nothing happens accidentally and that all situations and people in your life have something to teach you.

When you begin looking at your life this way, you will learn that each negative experience, each trigger you encounter, is there to teach you and holds a hidden gift for you. It is up to you to pay close attention and learn to unwrap these gifts!

4. Research Concepts

Research Concepts

To get into spirituality, you need to learn and deepen your understanding of various spiritual concepts. Some of them are:


Chakras, aka energy vortexes, are located in and around your body, each operating on a different dimension and responsible for various aspects of your life, such as sexuality, confidence, love, finances, and self-expression.

Law of Attraction

Everything in the Universe is made out of energy, resonating in various patterns known as frequencies. People, places, thoughts, and things with similar vibrations attract each other and pull each other close to them.

Therefore you can use this law to consciously adjust your frequency as that will align you with the life you desire.

Frequency and vibration

Everything holds a specific frequency and wavelength, including people, places, and even your thoughts and beliefs.

Unconditional love

A true love, that is not to be confused with the emotion our society labels as love. Unconditional love is energy that connects and permeates everything in the Universe without any conditions.

Truly loving someone has often been described as: “feeling about someone else as a part of oneself,” therefore, it means to love someone is to have their best interests at heart, free of any expectations.

Following your highest excitement

The belief is that to live the life you desire to live, you need to follow what brings you the most joy in every given moment. Your emotions are the most trustworthy compass that tells you where you need to go to open yourself to the most opportunities in life.

Limiting beliefs

Negative, untrue beliefs that we absorb throughout our lives, from society, our parents, and through various traumas. Limiting beliefs limit us and prevent us from living the life we truly desire.

Some examples of common limiting beliefs are:

  • “I can not succeed.”
  • “I am not talented.”
  • “I will fail.”
  • “I am unworthy of love.”
  • “Everything I do fails.”
  • Etc.

Keep in mind that because something has happened in your past, it doesn’t mean that it will keep happening in the future. As your frequency increases, you will see that it is possible to adopt new beliefs.

Great tools to rewire limiting beliefs are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and meditations by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Shadow work

Shadow work is something to take on only when you are truly serious about your spiritual path. C. G. Jung believed that the shadow is a part of your consciousness that you are not aware of.

This is a part that contains your traumas, your suppressed pain, grief, anger, and the aspects of you you have suppressed during your life.

Delving into them and bringing light into the darkest places of your subconscious mind can liberate you from unconscious behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts running your life for you and help you truly become the owner of your life and path.

Healthy boundaries

Although everything in the Universe is interconnected, each individual has their own free will, their physical and energetic body, and their mental space.

Respecting yourself and protecting your space from people, experiences, and situations that do not honor your free will means having healthy boundaries.

5. Learn About Crystals

Learn About Crystals

Each crystal holds a different frequency and vibration. The colors of crystals are often related to the colors of your chakras and what they can assist you with is related to the function of each chakra.

Delve deeply into the world of crystals to find the ones that resonate with your intentions the most.

Keep in mind that crystals store energy, so they should be cleansed before you start using them and from time to time after that.

To energetically cleanse your crystals, you can smudge them with sage or palo santo, leave them in moonlight, wash them in salt water or dig them into the ground for a few days.

It is also important to make sure your crystals are ethically sourced and come from a trustworthy seller. If your crystals come from an energetically unclean source, they will not work and won’t have healing properties.

6. Delve Into the Aesthetic

If you are attracted by boho and New Age aesthetics, delve into the world of beauty by surrounding yourself with items that inspire you. Decorate your space and purchase the items for your wardrobe that fit your vision.

A great place for inspiration is Pinterest, and you can purchase many handmade items in shops and marketplaces such as

Look into items to decorate your space with that will match your new style and elevate the frequency of your environment, such as spiritual posters, gratitude journals, crystals, shells, boho dresses, feather earrings, incense holders, and books about shamanism, psychology, and spirituality.


Whether you are serious about your spiritual journey or just playing around, there’s something you have to keep an eye out for. Often called the first and the biggest trap when beginning one’s spiritual journey is “the spiritual ego.”

As you have started awakening, you might start to feel superior to those who are still asleep.

It might be tempting to post photos on social media about your spiritual practice to impress others or show off your exotic lifestyle, with a subconscious desire to make others envious.

Don’t fall into this trap, as it will just keep you in a lower state of consciousness, cloud your perception, and prevent your further growth. Keep in mind that all people are equal, regardless if they are awakened or not.

When you feel equal respect, compassion, and unconditional love for those, who are ahead of you on their path as well as those who are behind you, your spiritual journey will truly begin.