How To Do the 369 Manifestation (The Ultimate Guide)

How To Do The 369 Manifestation

You must have come under the hype of this viral manifestation technique.

A few years back, the 369 manifestation method took over the internet because of its excellent results. With over 165 Million views, the hashtag of 369 manifestations blew up the TikTok app.

But do you wonder how it made its way to the world?

A famous Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla, was the first to popularize this method. He regarded the numbers 3, 6, and 9 as “divine.” According to Tesla, these numbers carry patterns to the universe.

So, do you have the courage to take a chance on this manifestation method? If yes, then make sure you are ready for it!

But how to do the 369 manifestation method?

Write your affirmation statement 3 times in the morning, 6 times midday, and nine times before sleep. Keep your affirmations in your mind for 17 seconds to fully process them. Put your whole energy into the process because, after all, the universe grants what you are asking.

Let’s start with the best possible tips for the 369 Nikola Tesla manifestation technique!

1. Pick One Thing at a Time

Pick One Thing At A Time

The key to seeing the outcomes of manifestation is picking up one thing at a time.

I know there is a crowd of wishes in your heart and mind and that you are ready to make them happen. But ‌when you hold a long list of infinite wishes, things collapse.

You start with a little from each wish, and sadly, nothing gets done. Too many things scatter your energy, and you end up in an overwhelming situation. You get frozen, and no manifestation turns true.

So, pick one thing at a time and do what works best for you. It can be one wish per day, per week, or per month.

2. Affirm 3 Times in the Morning

Start by affirming three times when you wake up before touching the phone. At this time, your mind is free from the influences of the outer world. So, grab a paper and start writing what you want to manifest. 

But why write? Well, writing on a piece of paper supercharges your intention.

Write in the present tense and use an adjective to describe that feeling. Remove all the doubts and believe that it’s coming.

Lucie is sharing the real power of effective writing and how scripting things down on paper got her success.

EVERYTHING I Wrote Down Came TRUE!! Scripting Success Stories - Manifestation is REAL y'all

Put “I am grateful” and make an affirmation. Write it down three times, visualizing that you already have that thing.

You can watch out for these sample affirmation statements for a rough idea below.

  • I am grateful to the universe for helping me to attract the love of my life. I am so happy that it brought all my life to me.
  • I am grateful that I officially own my dream car.
  • I am grateful that I have successfully got the job in the company of my choice. Thanks to the universe!

You can also state the affirmations in terms of intention. You may also write “I intend to,” followed by your manifestation.

For example,

  • I intend to manifest that I will soon get my dream job.       

Set the alarm on your phone and focus on what you intend to manifest. Feel as if it’s happening to you now.

Don’t say I want, hope, or need, but “I am thankful I have. Keep it simple on yourself!

3. Write Your Affirmation 6 Times at Midday

Write Your Affirmation 6 Times At Midday

As you approach the more significant number from 3 to 6, hold the energy for an enormous feeling, too.

Repeat your manifestation six times in the mid of the day after you have lunch. Write the same expression you wrote in the morning ‌six times for about 90 seconds.

Set the alarm on your phone for 90 seconds. Get quiet to repeat and visualize six times. Visualize the feeling of having it six times at midday.

Allow yourself to have that complete bliss. But don’t try to force yourself. Keep it natural!

The point of this repetition is to maintain high-frequency vibrations throughout the day. After you write them, read the statement aloud six times with utmost passion and conviction.

You should feel good. That’s how you know it’s working. Just allow yourself to live in the moment.

If you do this 90 seconds interval six times throughout the day, it equates to 9 minutes.

Did you notice something here? The 3, 6, and 9 all are connected!

It’s all the part of universe patterns and divine numbers about which Tesla was talking.

4. Repeat Your Desire 9 Times at Night

Before you go to bed, write your manifestation again nine times. Again, read aloud nine times after you finish writing.

The bedtime before sleeping is ideal for nine times manifestation because manifestation will be the last thing on your mind this time, not any to-do list.

It can put you in a high receiving vibration. These vibrations can program your brain to manifest even in the state of sleep.

Some law of attraction experts also favors the non-restriction of number 9. According to them, let the number 9 be up to you. Ponder upon these questions.

What can you write nine times? What can you affirm nine times? What can you visualize nine times throughout your day?

Just do something with the pattern of 9! It’s never about the technique. It’s about the energy you put behind it.

So do what works best for you for the manifestation process!

Make a list of things that work best for you. You can look at the following questions to help yourself figure out the best for you.

  1. What do you connect to the most?
  2. Do you like to visualize?
  3. Do you like to meditate?      
  4. Do you like to script?
  5. Do you like to journal?

Mistakes To Avoid When Doing 369 Manifestation

Mistakes To Avoid When Doing 369 Manifestation

You may do the process accurately, but here are a few mistakes you must avoid to make the manifestation successful.

Don’t Hurry

Make sure that your affirmation is at least 17 seconds long sentence.

According to the law of attraction, it takes 17 seconds for a thought to become a thing in the mind. So, to ensure that it’s not too short or too long, 17 seconds is the perfect sweet spot.

Never count the days for manifestation to come true. Just be in the “now” of your manifestation.

Don’t rush the process because time indeed doesn’t exist in manifestation!

Show Consistency

Don’t lose consistency, as it is crucial to hold energy. You can use various tools, such as a calendar or an alarm, to maintain consistency in the manifestation process.

Make sure you hold yourself accountable to give yourself a wake-up call.

Don’t Focus on Form

Focus on the essence, not the form. Feel your manifestation’s frequency, energy, and vibration beyond the physical presence. Have honest and profound feelings.

As Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think about it in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Final Thoughts

369 manifestation works because of the signs, but the primary carrier is your energy. If you do not align your vibrations to what you want to manifest, you will not see the results. Make sure to connect to it.

You can do the techniques all day, but it’s tough to manifest if you have resistance and blocks around something. Hence, clear up your energy and visualize by heart. After decluttering the blocks, Nikola Tesla’s method will indeed work for you!

If you have ever manifested something using Tesla’s 369 manifestation method, don’t hesitate to share it with us!