Manifesting a Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

How To Manifest A Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Manifestation has become very popular over the last few years, although great minds and geniuses have used this technique throughout history.

Everything in the universe is made of energy, and the energy flows in various patterns, known as frequencies and vibrations. Like attracts like. It is especially true when it comes to vibration.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create your reality by attracting people, events, and opportunities that resonate with your inner world.

If you are in a relationship and things are not going great, you might wonder if it is possible to manifest a better relationship with your boyfriend.

To manifest a better relationship with your boyfriend you need to get to know yourself, study chakras and align yourself, attune your vibrational frequency, meditate, develop your intuition, learn how to hold space, and trust the universe. Don’t doubt that manifesting a great relationship is possible. If you can imagine it – you can live it.

As the saying goes – it takes two to tango. If your relationship is not going right, you have all the power to improve it significantly.

In this article, we will explore how can you manifest a better, more fulfilling relationship with your boyfriend so that you feel happier, more connected, and loved.

9 Tips To Manifest a Better Relationship With Your Boyfriend

If both of you are interested in continuing your relationship, manifesting a better relationship is possible.

With the tips below, you have all the cards in your hands and can play them in the way that will be the most beneficial for your relationship, you, and your boyfriend.

1. Get to Know Yourself

Get To Know Yourself

The better you know yourself, the better partner you can become. Understanding yourself also gives you the tools to understand the other person better.

Getting to know yourself is an exciting lifelong journey that will lead you not only towards better relationships but also toward success, happiness, and abundance.

People who invest time to get to know and understand themselves more deeply become magnetic, charismatic, and exciting to be around. Journaling, meditation, psychotherapy, and shamanic journeying are some of the best tools for getting to know yourself.

2. Release Expectations

Release Expectations

We enter relationships with certain expectations and assumptions. All of us are conditioned by our families, cultures, and entertainment industry on how we should live, behave, think, and interact with each other.

These assumptions take us away from our true nature and make relationships challenging. Too often, people tend to have relationships with an idea, not with a real person.

If you are more worried about your relationship to looking good on Instagram or being accepted by your parents or friends, you are harming your chances of establishing a true bond.

To manifest a better relationship, you need to learn to pay attention, listen, and accept your boyfriend as he is. There is always room for growth and improvement, but you must learn to support your boyfriend in the way necessary for him instead of trying to change him.

For example, if you love the idea of dating an athletic man so you can show him off on Instagram, but your boyfriend is an artist and doesn’t care about sports, by forcing him to work out, you are focused on your expectations, not on him and his authentic, genuine self-expression.

If, on the other hand, you want to encourage him to work out because that will improve his health and well-being, that is a genuine concern you might express to him when encouraging him to take on some light workouts that will be enjoyable for him.

3. Meditate


Meditation helps you raise your frequency, clear your mind, lower stress levels, expand your perception, and strengthen your intuition.

All of these are crucial elements for improving your relationship with your boyfriend.

4. Study Chakras and Align Yourself

Study Chakras And Align Yourself

We attract other people into our lives on various chakra levels. For example, if you are attracted on the level of lower chakras, such as Svadhistana, the sacral chakra, you might have a strong sexual attraction towards each other.

If you are attracted on the level of Ajna, the third eye chakra, you share a similar outlook on life, and you understand each other well. For a perfectly balanced relationship, you should be aligned and connected on all chakra levels; however, it is pretty rare.

When in a relationship, we constantly exchange energy on the level of each energy center. You must work on balancing your chakras to balance and improve your relationship.

If your energetic structure is out of balance, it will be complicated for you to synchronize with someone else.

So your first step is studying the chakra system to understand it more profoundly and balancing yourself on all the levels. As a result, the energetic connection between you and your boyfriend will start to align also!

5. Meet Your Needs

Meet Your Needs

More often than not, we attract a partner who we feel can complete us and help us meet our unmet needs. If you lack parental approval, you might attract a partner who will often criticize you and blame you. Your subconscious mind draws you into repeating scenarios to allow you to heal yourself.

To do it, explore and recognize your unmet needs and think of ways that you can give them to yourself. For example, if you lack approval, think of the ways you talk to yourself and if you criticize yourself and constantly beat yourself up. If this is the case, learn to speak kindly and be supportive of yourself.

When you start filling up your inner deficiencies, your energetic structure will begin to transform. As a result, you won’t depend on your boyfriend for certain things you need, as you will be able to give them to yourself.

As you re-align yourself, you will elevate your relationship to a new level, as both of you will start to see each other more truthfully and sincerely.

6. Learn to Hold Space

Learn To Hold Space

Often relationships suffer as we do not know how to process our emotions. Study emotional mastery to manage your emotions better.

When you do, you can hold space for yourself and your boyfriend regarding what is happening. This ability will raise your frequency, lift you above drama, help you see a bigger picture, and help you manifest a much better relationship!

7. Learn to Communicate

Learn To Communicate

To manifest a better relationship, you need to master your communication abilities. Too often, when our partner says something, we hear it through our prism, as our perception is skewed through our traumas and previous life experience.

Besides meditation and mindfulness exercises, Marshall B. Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life is a great place to start.

8. Know and Express Your Desires, Wants, and Needs

Know And Express Your Desires, Wants, And Needs

Make sure you know your needs, wants, and desires. When we don’t admit to ourselves what we need, we begin manipulating people around us to get our needs met.

The better you understand yourself and your needs, the more clearly and openly you learn to express them, and the better your relationship with your boyfriend will become.

Remember to ask and become aware of your boyfriend’s wants and needs. Think of ways you can give him what he needs, regardless if it is a sense of safety, stability, moral support, encouragement, excitement, or something else.

9. Trust Fully

Trust Fully

If you have taken all the steps mentioned above, you have expressed to the universe that your relationship is essential to you.

To manifest change, you must trust and fully surrender to the universe’s guidance. Have complete trust and confidence that the universe has your back.

Keep your mind focused on honest, open communication, first with yourself and secondly with your boyfriend. And you will see how your relationship magically transforms for the better!


You must balance your energetic structure to have a better relationship with your boyfriend. You will become much closer to your boyfriend when you purify your perception and understanding, learn to communicate, and become a better listener.

You will understand his wants and needs and be able to communicate your own needs directly, without using manipulation and round-about ways. These practices will raise your frequency, and your manifestation will become effortless!