What To Manifest During a New Moon

What To Manifest During A New Moon

Manifesting during certain moon phases is a great way to supercharge your intentions.

The new moon especially is an invitation to embrace rebirth and growth. As the dark moon’s energy is ripe for new beginnings, we may naturally wish to plant intentions-seeds in the world with the hope that they will become a reality.

Take out your journal, create a visual manifestation board, or meditate and visualize your plans for the upcoming lunar cycle. It is the best time to manifest new beginnings, whether a new habit, new job, new relationship, or adopting a new perspective on things. There is no better time to start working towards your goals than the new moon.

The new moon is a powerful time to clear your mind, get organized, and start fresh. Use these tips to manifest an exciting, brand-new life for yourself!

What Is a New Moon?

What Is A New Moon?

The New Moon is a time in the Lunar cycle when the moon is almost in the middle of the earth and the sun. The moon becomes almost invisible in the sky during this time. This is because the shadow side of the moon is currently facing the earth.

The new moon occurs about once a month since a full Lunar Cycle takes about 28-30 days.

In the astrological calendar, the New Moon’s name is dependent on the current sun sign. This is because the new moon occurs when the sun and moon sign are finally in the same sign on the astrological wheel.

So, for example, because the current sun is in Cancer, the new moon for June 2022 is called the New Moon in Cancer. The same lunar cycle’s full moon is called Full Moon in Capricorn, Cancer’s opposite sign.

The new moon is also the perfect time to look inwards, tap into your subconscious and embrace your personal rebirth and beginnings.

New Moon vs. Full Moon Manifestation

New Moon Vs Full Moon Manifestation

The full moon is focused on reflecting on the past and gratitude for what has been, and the new moon is focused on planning for the future and working towards our goals.

 It is less of “this is what I already have, and I am thankful for it” and more of “this is what I want, so what must I do to have it”?

If the new moon is the perfect time to let go of energies and things that no longer serve you, the new moon is the time to welcome new things and plan ahead.

If the full moon is the best time to do affirmation rituals, the new moon is when intention rituals are most effective.

The new moon is a clean slate for all of us. It is an ideal time to work on your blocked energies and do shadow work, as the moon is also on its dark facing the earth.

What Can I Manifest During the New Moon?

What Can I Manifest During The New Moon?

While it is true that we are constantly manifesting on a daily basis, the new moon is the most potent time to perform conscious manifestation because of its energy. As we begin to turn over a new leaf with the new lunar cycle, we are encouraged by the moon goddess to embody new beginnings.

During the new moon, you can manifest almost anything that has to do with starting new things. That can range from starting new habits, personal growth, career progression, new relationships, and many more. The new moon focuses on a fresh start and setting your intentions for what you wish to manifest.

Similarly, you can align your manifestation themes depending on the sign the moon is currently in. For instance, if the new moon is in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), you can tailor your manifestation ritual to include growth in your career or even financial prosperity.

If you want to manifest a new love affair, doing it during the new moon in Libra or Taurus would be most beneficial. These two signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

If you want to manifest a new habit of writing or reading, the new moon in Gemini and Virgo will serve you well. They are both ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury.

If you lack energy and motivation, you can use the new moon in the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius to bring forth a more confident self.

Do you wish to manifest a more intuitive and thoughtful self? Your best bet is doing it during the new moon in Scorpio or Pisces.

A few days before the new moon, think about what you plan to achieve during this lunar cycle. The manifestation can be broad, but the more specific your goal is, the better.

E.g., Instead of just manifesting for a vague, new job, ask yourself what role you’re looking for. What is the salary you desire? How are the work setup and environment? Write all of these in your journal as you move along.

Ideally, you should both set an intention to take concrete steps towards your goals. In addition, you should make one overarching intention to help guide you through the next 28 days.

How Do I Manifest During New Moon?

Before any manifestation ritual, it is advised to be in the proper headspace to do so. This is where meditation comes in, which helps with clearing out blocked energies.

This step is especially crucial during the new moon, as the emphasis is on openness for growth and intention to grow. So take a few minutes of quiet contemplation and give yourself some space to clear your head.

After which, you can begin to write down and visualize your intention through a manifestation ritual. You can manifest during a new moon by writing your intentions and goals in a journal or creating a manifestation vision board.



After you’ve meditated, you can now begin to set your intentions. Writing your intentions down in a journal is recommended by many practitioners of the craft, but manifestation vision boards work just as well! Keeping a journal is also a wonderful way to keep track of your manifestations throughout the months.

The new moon is about anticipating new changes in your life. Think of the energies you wish to attract during this cycle and reflect on the plans you make for reaching your objectives.

You can also use crystals in your manifestation ritual. Selenite is a great crystal to use in manifestation, as it aids in clearing blocked energies and improves mental clarity for your intention-setting.

When you journal, you can use the following phrases to begin your manifestations:

I am ready…

I am thankful for…

I am growing to become…

You can then begin to fill in the blanks with the things you want to accomplish in this lunar cycle.

When you manifest during a new moon, also called the Dark Moon, you are essentially setting your intention out into the universe and deep into your own shadow self. By doing so, you elevate your energy to embody the changes you wish to make.

When you are done writing in your journal, you can set your crystal over it and leave it by your window. Even if we cannot see the moon, its energies are still ubiquitous and affect our manifestations.

Manifestation Vision Board

Manifestation Vision Board

Another great way to manifest during the new moon is by creating a manifestation vision board. You can simply take a blank canvas or large piece of paper and attach photos representing your goals and intentions.

You can take the time during the days that lead up to the new moon to collect visually appealing images on your Pinterest board and have them printed. Similarly, you can go old school and cut out magazines for the same effect.

As you’re making your manifestation board, always bear in mind the plans you are willing into reality. Keeping a relatively positive outlook is important because your intention will charge this board.

After you’re done with your manifestation vision board, you can hang it somewhere you see it daily. It could be placed by the door in your bedroom or near your bed so that you could see your manifestations first thing in the morning. This works well if you are busy and don’t have time to read your affirmations or look back on your manifestations often.

Vision boards serve two purposes:

  • To visualize your intentions and manifestations
  • To subconsciously remind you of your goals.

Death and Rebirth

Death And Rebirth

Just like the seas are continually affected by the moon regardless of its visibility, the moon shines upon us throughout our lives. Make the most of the new moon by manifesting a new chapter in your own story.

Unsurprisingly, many women in ancient cultures performed rituals during the new moon, as it symbolized their changing bodies and bleeding.

Did you know that the etymology of the word menstruation comes from the Latin word mensis, meaning “month,” and the Greek word mene, meaning “moon”?

Any activity that has to do with fruitful growth can be done during the New Moon. The new moon is the perfect time to start a new hobby, plant seeds (literally and figuratively), and plan small and big goals you want to accomplish in the new lunar cycle.

It is even the best time of the month to get a new haircut, as it is said to promote healthy and fast hair growth.


As we work our way back to the full moon, the new moon is the perfect time to plan what we want to accomplish for the coming lunar cycle. The new moon represents new beginnings and is the best time to plant your dreams into the fertile soil of reality.

As it marks the start of a new lunar cycle, the new moon represents a time for new beginnings and setting your intentions. It is the perfect time to set goals, expand your creativity, and begin something new. If you are manifesting to commit yourself to a new job, project, or person, you should do it during the new moon.

The new moon reminds us that we are all entitled to a new beginning. During times of struggle, the new moon is proof that growth is inevitable after a period of darkness and shadow.