How To Manifest Pregnancy (& Healthy Baby in 10 Steps)

How To Manifest Pregnancy

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you exude, you attract. Like attracts like. Manifesting is a powerful practice that can help you vibrationally attune and align yourself with your desired reality and outcomes.

We do this at every moment, even when we are not aware of it. Manifesting helps you attract the life and experiences you desire.

If you want to become a mother, how can you manifest a pregnancy?

You need to be fully aware of the responsibility of calling in a new soul into the physical plane and helping it to come into this world through you. Visualize yourself in the perfect state of health, create space for your future baby, calm your nervous system and get to know yourself. Don’t forget to pray and practice gratitude.

With manifesting, you will need to take inspired action for it to work, but practicing the tips in this article will help you align your reality within the invisible planes so they can soon materialize in the physical reality.

Read on for some of the best things you can do to manifest your desired pregnancy.

10 Steps To Manifest Pregnancy

It can be a painful experience if you desire to become a mother, and there are challenges on your path to making it happen.

Remember that everything that happens in the physical plane of existence mirrors your energy and vibration. When you align them, miraculous things start to happen in your life.

Have complete trust because these 10 tips will help you in your manifesting journey, and your life will align with your desired pregnancy. Practicing and following these steps will also give you the tools you need to become an excellent parent in the future.

1. Meditate


Meditation is the first important step you need to take to manifest your desired pregnancy.

Try to meditate daily. It will rewire your brain and help you to access deeper layers of your subconscious mind. It will activate parts of your brain that you don’t use in your daily life and help you expand your perception.

Meditation will make your subconscious mind fertile grounds for manifestation, imprinting new beliefs, and programming new experiences. It will raise your frequency and make you much more powerful at manifesting pregnancy and other intentions.

2. Get to Know Yourself

Get To Know Yourself

Being a parent means welcoming a soul and guiding it into the ways of the material world. The better you know and understand yourself, the better parent you will become.

Your level of self-awareness, the level to which you’ve healed yourself, and your frequency at the moment of your pregnancy will determine the type of soul you will attract. The more self-aware you become, the easier it will be for your children.

Invest as much time as possible in self-reflection, and personal growth, as these will lay the foundation for your children’s happiness.

3. Visualize Yourself in the Perfect State of Health

Visualize Yourself In The Perfect State Of Health

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in perfect balance, harmony, and health. Visualize your energy body, your emotional body, your thoughts, and your physical body as perfectly healthy and radiant. Do this as often as possible.

Do meditation and imagine your body as the most beautiful plant.

The Apple tree symbolizes motherhood and fertility, but if you prefer another plant, that is ok! Visualize your roots reaching deep into the ground and receiving nourishment from the soil.

Imagine your branches reaching tall and receiving nourishment through sunlight. Feel yourself in the perfect state of aliveness, blooming, and fertility.

4. Visualize Yourself as a Mom

Visualize Yourself As A Mom

If you have been thinking of and manifesting pregnancy, you have likely already envisioned yourself as a mother. There is a crucial element to this.

Journal about your future motherhood and write in detail how you imagine it. Afterward, read it and pay attention if you are coming from your own or your child’s perspective.

It is important that even before your child is born, even before you become pregnant, you learn to think and look at things from your child’s perspective.

You don’t know yet what their passions and talents will be. If you already plan specific hobbies your child will have, classes you will take them to, or how you want their character to be, you might be doing a disservice to your future child.

Instead, imagine life from the perspective of your future child.

How do you want to be treated? How do you want your parents to make you feel? What do you need to feel accepted and loved as you are?

If you start thinking from your child’s perspective without judgment and with complete acceptance and unconditional love, you will open the doors for manifesting pregnancy.

5. Create Space In Your Life

Create Space In Your Life

You might have too many things taking your time, energy, and attention. Learn to free time on your schedule for yourself and your future children.

Create space on your schedule, your living space, and your energy to prepare a nurturing environment for your future children.

6. Calm Your Nervous System

Calm Your Nervous System

Learning to regulate your nervous system and raising your emotional intelligence level is the most important thing to work on, along with your physical health.

The better you learn to take of your emotions and nervous system, the better you learn to communicate, and the better care you will be able to take of your children.

Doing this prepares you for being your best version as a mother and helps you manifest pregnancy.

7. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is among the essential steps for manifesting. Instead of focusing on what you expect and don’t yet have in your life, learn to pay attention to all the small things you are already blessed with.

Start gratitude journaling, and each day write down a few things you are grateful for in your life. This daily practice will help you enter the frequency of appreciation and expand the positive experiences in your life.

8. Release Expectations

Release Expectations

Often when we try to manifest pregnancy, we project our expectations to our future children.

For you to become the best mother possible, as well as for you to attract pregnancy, release expectations as much as possible. Regarding your child’s talents, character, and even gender.

Each soul comes into this life with its unique gifts and talents. Mistakenly, many parents think of their children as pieces of clay that have to be molded into something that parents themselves will like.

A much better way of thinking of your child is seeing them as a flower that grows from the seed. You might not know if it will be a rose, a waterlily, or an oak tree. Only time will reveal that.

What is required of you is to water it with care, patience, and unconditional love.

9. Pray


Praying to God, the Source, Universe, Allah, or however you prefer to call the Divine is a miraculous tool for manifesting pregnancy. Your prayers are always heard when you directly talk to the source or all creation about your desires and intentions.

The more trust you have, the sooner your manifestation will come true. Have complete trust and surrender fully!

10. Call In the Soul

Call In The Soul

In many ancient tribes, women went to a local shaman to receive a blessing for the future child, and the shaman gave the mother a particular song for the child. The mother sang this song during her pregnancy and after the child was born.

You, too, can communicate with the souls of your future children. Many souls are looking at you to decide if you will be an excellent match to become their mother.

If you express your intention and readiness to them, the souls that resonate with you will be happy to come into your life as your children.


Have complete trust that you can manifest pregnancy. The life cycle is constantly expanding and looking for ways it can blossom.

Bringing a new life into this world is a sacred act, and the Universe will always support you in your intentions if you come from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

The tips above will help you manifest pregnancy and become an excellent and loving parent to your future children.