How To Manifest During Strawberry Moon (10-Step Guide)

How To Manifest During Strawberry Moon

The Full Moon that happens in June is called Strawberry Moon. It is a mighty moon for manifesting. The sun and moon align with the summer solstice during the Strawberry Moon.

This alignment amplifies the energy of both the Sun and Moon, making this an ideal time for manifestation. The increased energy can help you manifest your desires more efficiently, effectively, and quickly.

To use this powerful energy, you need to be clear on what you intend to manifest, connect with the energy of the Moon, and perform a manifestation ritual. You have to visualize your desired outcome, let go of any resistance holding you back, trust, express gratitude, use affirmations, and take inspired action.

The Strawberry Moon is the name given to the full moon that occurs in June. It is sometimes referred to as the Rose Moon or the Hot Moon. The Strawberry Moon got its name from the Algonquin tribes in North America, who used it as a signal to begin harvesting strawberries.

The 10-step guide to manifesting during the Strawberry Moon will turn it into a symbol of fruition for you as well, as it will help you bring to life your deepest desires!

10 Steps To Manifesting During Strawberry Moon

10 Steps To Manifesting During Strawberry Moon

You can do several things to increase your chances of success when manifesting during the Strawberry Moon.

The procedure of manifesting – journaling, visualization, and affirmations will work as usual; however, this time, you are making it even more powerful by using the energy of the Strawberry Moon and by connecting with it through the Full Moon manifestation ritual.

Remember, manifesting doesn’t end on the day of the Strawberry Moon!

Once you know what you want and have performed the manifesting ritual, it is time to start taking action!

1. Get Clear About What You Want

First, it is essential to get clear about what you want to manifest. Spend some time journaling to discover your desired outcome.

If you feel like it, you can start this exploration process even before the Strawberry Moon, so you are prepared by the time it’s in the sky.

You can journal daily and write down your dreams, desires, and wishes. Take some time to ask yourself why you want those specific things.

Regardless of what we wish, there are always deeper, subconscious reasons for wanting them.

Close your eyes to imagine how you will feel once you have achieved the results you are craving – will you feel more free, confident, relaxed, or excited?

Whatever you discover – do things daily that will allow you to connect with this feeling more. It will help you become magnetic to your desires.

2. Connect With the Energy of the Moon

Make it a regular practice in your life to connect with the moon’s energy.

If you live in a safe neighborhood – go for walks under the moonlight; if possible and safe, you might even consider swimming under the moonlight.

Surround yourself with symbols of the moon; you can get yourself a pure silver bracelet and wear it on your left hand, get yourself moonstone jewelry, or place a painting of the Moon card tarot on your wall.

All of these will help you strengthen your bond with the energy of the moon, and when the Strawberry Moon is in the sky, it will be easier for you to connect with that energy instantly.

3. Visualize Your Desired Outcome

You manifest things in your life with your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. The more time you invest thinking about and visualizing your desires, the more you magnetize them into your life.

Make visualization a part of your daily ritual – ideally, do it in the morning when you wake up and at night before you fall asleep, as your subconscious mind is particularly open to re-programming during these times.

You can even create a vision board during New Moon, two weeks before the Strawberry Moon, so you send your visualizations into the Universe and let them ‘cook’ for a while.

If you missed the New Moon, don’t worry, you can create your vision board any time of the month. Keep it near you so it reminds you of your dreams and goals often.

4. Let Go of Resistance

Letting go of any resistance or negative energy holding you back is essential. It can be anything from fear or doubt to resentment or anger.

If you can release these negative emotions, you will be in a better position to manifest your desires. For example, you can doubt your ability to manifest or hold subconscious limiting beliefs.

Be patient with yourself as you transform these beliefs into self-trust and trust in the Universe that everything works in your best interest!

5. Perform a Strawberry Moon Manifestation Ritual

When the Strawberry Moon is in the sky, try to go underneath it if possible, so the moonlight shines on you. If you can’t go outside, it is ok to use the moonlight coming in through your window.

Place your crystals or other manifestation attributes in front of you, such as figurines of goddesses, flowers, or talismans.

Light a candle and express gratitude to the fire. Write your intentions on a piece of paper, or close your eyes and think about them for a moment.

Allow the feeling of having received your manifestations to come over you. Feel how you will feel when your manifestations come true.

Send loving thoughts of gratitude to the moon, and you can even say out loud: “Thank you!”.

Think for a moment about actions you can take in your daily life to help you move closer to your dreams. You are now connected to the moon’s wisdom and will likely receive some helpful advice.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen. It can also happen later when you are asleep.

Put out your candle and trust that your manifestations are on their way!

6. Trust

Trust fully that the Universe will provide you with everything you need and make your dreams a reality.

When you doubt your ability to manifest, you are wasting your precious subconscious energy. It flows in multiple directions simultaneously – toward the timeline where you are living your dreams and the timeline where they don’t come true.

It is counterproductive, so focus on fully surrendering and trusting that your manifestations will come true.

7. Express Gratitude

Gratitude aligns us with the frequency of receiving. The more grateful you are for things in your life as they are and for what you have already manifested, the wider you open doors for more blessings.

When you finish your Strawberry Moon manifestation ritual, close your eyes and allow a sense of gratitude for what you are manifesting to take over you.

Let gratitude also be your daily practice. Keep a gratitude journal near your bed and write in it every morning or evening.

8. Use Affirmations

Affirmations are potent when it comes to manifesting your dreams. Saying affirmations during the Strawberry Moon and allowing yourself to trust them truly is a potent manifestation practice.

Make sure you choose affirmations that resonate with you. When you read a manifestation, and it gives you goosebumps – very often, it is a signal from your subconscious mind that this affirmation resonates with you and has the potential to improve your life.

You can also choose to write your manifestations by yourself and word them in a way that resonates with you.

9. Surround Yourself With People Who Support You

When you surround yourself with positive people who have dreams, goals, and aspirations, they are more likely to encourage and support you on your journey.

Spend time around people who encourage you and who make you feel good. Limit your time around nay-sayers, people who make negative comments and make you feel bad about yourself.

10. Take Inspired Action

Whatever actions you take, ensure they align with your desire. You might feel unsure where to begin, but taking any step is essential. It could be anything from taking a class related to your goal to taking steps toward starting your own business.

As you do it, you open the door for the Universe to deliver your blessings to you!


You must have faith that your manifestation will come to fruition. Believe that what you are asking for is possible and on its way. Trust that the Universe will provide you with everything you need to make your dreams a reality.

When you follow these tips, you will be in a much better position to manifest your desires during the Strawberry Moon.

Remember, this is an ideal time to manifest due to the high sun and moon energy. If you take action and let go of any negative energy, you should have no trouble achieving your goals.