How To Manifest Happiness (10 Steps to Happy Life)

How To Manifest Happiness

Regardless of our social background or status, everything we do in life is ever motivated by one reason – happiness.

It can mean different things to different people, but ultimately it always means love, health, acceptance by others, and abundance in all forms that allow us to feel unrestricted in our actions, feel that we are useful to others and that we are living our purpose.

Happiness is a state of being, not a result of external circumstances. Too often, we believe that happiness comes from things, other people, and certain situations, while in reality, it is something that stems from the core of our being. To manifest happiness, we must align ourselves with our highest passion and discover our purpose.

If you want to manifest happiness, there are steps you can take to align yourself with your mission and live your truth. Here you will find the most effective steps to take to live your most exciting, joyful, and happy life.

10 Steps To Manifest Happiness

10 Steps To Manifest Happiness

To manifest happiness and bring more of it into your life, you have to first consider what happiness is. In modern times we often fall into the trap of believing that happiness can be bought or earned.

We think that once we make enough money or achieve a certain status, we will be able to achieve happiness. However, that is a roundabout way of thinking about happiness.

Anything that we can accomplish or achieve can only bring temporary feelings of contentment and a sense of happiness.

But since happiness is something that happens inside us, not around us, we can choose to feel happy in every moment, regardless of external circumstances.

1. Recognize That Happiness Is a State of Being

Too often, we believe that we will experience happiness when we achieve a goal, purchase something we like, or travel to a particular location. This mindset makes us think of happiness as something that is somewhere outside of us.

When we realize that happiness is a state of being, we can start bringing it into our life, regardless of something or someone else.

2. Practice Gratitude

To manifest happiness, you have to align your vibrational frequency to that of joy and happiness.

When we learn to appreciate things we already have, not just focus on that which we lack or would like to have, we begin to embody the frequency of abundance. If we complain or feel a sense of lack, by focusing on things we don’t have yet

This is the only way we can attract happiness into our life.

3. Discover Your Core Beliefs

Journal to discover your Core Beliefs. You will discover that some of your desires might contradict some of your subconscious beliefs.

Some beliefs we adopt as children to survive in a world we don’t yet understand, and as we grow older, we might realize that those beliefs are no longer serving us.

Doing this work will help you discover if you are subconsciously holding on to beliefs that are preventing you from going in your desired direction and achieving what you truly want.

4. Learn To Feel and Recognize Your Emotions

You might have heard a saying: “Stop trying to feel better, instead, become better at feeling!” Many of us believe that we know what we are feeling at any given moment, but it is not true.

We must hone our ability to recognize our feelings and emotions. Happiness is achieved by us moving in a direction that innately feels good, towards the natural alignment of our soul.

The better we get at feeling and recognizing our emotions, the better we will know what is right for us and what isn’t. To practice – find a list online that names all the emotions.

Set a reminder on your phone every hour to check in with yourself. Every hour ask yourself – what am I feeling? What do I want? Give it to yourself as fully as possible.

5. Follow Your Joy

Your soul speaks in the language of emotions. Joy is the North of your inner compass. If you follow whatever brings you the most joy, you will always arrive at your life’s purpose.

You can’t become happy by following someone else’s advice or guidance; only your inner guidance can lead you toward happiness.

Every step you make towards joy is a step you make toward manifesting happiness in your life.

6. Surround Yourself With Beauty and Joy

Your emotions and inner state is a magnet. Whatever you feel you attract.

If you feel resentment, you will only attract more misery into your life. If you feel gratitude for every moment, you will be gifted with more abundance in your life. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you feel joy.

Consider how you will feel when you achieve the things you want to achieve. Then, as much as possible, bring this feeling into your present circumstances. Surround yourself with reminders, images, and items that give you this feeling and remind you how you desire to feel.

7. Connect With Your Inner Child

Inner Child work is the most powerful tool at your disposal for bringing true happiness into your life. All of us were once children, and all of us used to follow our joy – whatever brought the most sense of contentment at the moment.

Because of cultural expectations and expectations of our family, we started giving up our true desires and passions to trade them for approval and acceptance from others.

There is an inner part of us that never changed, never grew up, and wasn’t affected by the expectations of others, the part of us that is still our true, untouched selves.

You can find great Inner Child meditations on YouTube or other platforms. Inner Child work will help you to re-connect with the state of true and pure joy, to the essence of your true being.

This work will align you fully with your passions and help you manifest more happiness than you can imagine.

8. Discover Your Values

We often believe we know what our values are, however, you might be surprised. You can find a values list online or even purchase Teal Swan’s Inner Compass Deck to discover what your main values are.

Your values might be different than those of your family or those expected of you by society. This is perfectly fine.

When you know what your values are, you can prioritize everything in your life accordingly; this way, your inner compass will guide you closer to true happiness and contentment, whatever it means specifically for you.

9. Let Go of Expectations

It is easy to feel a sense of lack when we are constantly bombarded by messages of perfection and expectation for high achievement. As a society, we are plagued by envy and comparison.

If this helps, try to move away from social media for a while and possibly even stop consuming any form of mass media for a while. When you stop being distracted by various news, you will discover a sense of peace that will help you manifest true happiness.

10. Connect With Nature

Our busy lives often make us hide certain aspects of ourselves by presenting ourselves in a more beneficial light. Doing this is contradictory to achieving true happiness.

The deepest sense of happiness can be achieved when all the aspects of ourselves are in harmony. Nothing can help us become more aligned than nature. Nature embodies absolute acceptance and embraces us as we are.

Depending on where you live, try to spend as much time as possible in nature. Walk barefoot and go swimming if there is a river or a lake near where you live. Take a hike or even a road trip to connect with nature.

This way, you will experience more contentment in your daily life, which will allow you to manifest the absolute happiness you have been waiting to experience.


Happiness is a state of being when all aspects of you are aligned. When your energy, thoughts, feelings, and desires are acting as a whole, not moving in different directions.

When you are perfectly content with who you are, whatever you experience at any moment, and everything that surrounds you.

To manifest happiness into your life, you should strive to experience as much happiness and joy as possible before your circumstances change. This will attract more wonderful experiences into your life.

The more gratitude and contentment you can experience, regardless of your circumstances, the more happiness and miracles you will attract into your life.