How To Manifest Great Health (In 10 Steps)

How To Manifest Health

The Law of Attraction states that we experience whatever we align with. Your life and reality reflect your thoughts and beliefs. Your emotions and feelings give energy to your thoughts and beliefs. Your body is your vessel.

Therefore it is a direct reflection of your essence in the physical form. Manifestation is especially effective when manifesting great health.

To manifest excellent health, release negative beliefs and emotions you hold about your health. Speak to yourself kindly, fill your body with all types of goodness, including healthy emotions and thoughts, and you are guaranteed to arrive at the perfect state of health sooner than you expect.

Although your health is in many ways determined by your genetics and lifestyle choices, it is possible to manifest health through the power of thought and intention. Read on to discover 10 tips to manifest great health.

10 Tips To Manifest Great Health

10 Tips To Manifest Great Health

You are fully in charge of your physical body. Its health, functions, and expressions are your responsibility.

Luckily, you have full control and power over it! By adjusting your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, you can manifest an excellent state of health.

1. Set Intention to Manifest Great Health

Journal about your health goals and intentions. Journaling helps you clarify your goals and put them on paper.

Writing your intentions down helps you see them and perceive them as a plan instead of a vague fantasy.

  • What are your specific goals?
  • Do you want to be free from an illness or condition?
  • Or do you simply want to feel better overall and have more energy?

Be as specific as possible when setting your intention. It will help you effectively manifest your optimal state of health and clarify the action steps you must take.

2. Get Clear on Your Why

It’s important to know your “why” behind manifesting good health.

  • What do you want to achieve, and why is that your goal?
  • What will it do for you, and why would it improve your life?

Remember your “why” whenever doubts or negative thoughts creep in.

When you know your reasons for manifesting, you can recognize what feelings and state of being you desire to achieve.

The sooner you focus on implementing and reaching this state of being, the sooner your manifestations fall into place.

For example, suppose you believe you will feel a sense of confidence, accomplishment, and joy when you get in better shape.

In that case, your focus should be on doing things daily that make you feel this way, even before you achieve your dream body, and you will be able to manifest your dream body much faster.

3. Raise Your Vibration

One of the most important steps in manifesting anything, especially your health, is raising your vibration. The higher your vibration, the easier it will be to attract what you desire.

Raising your vibration when manifesting health is especially important because your health directly reflects your frequency.

Disease and aging start with negative thoughts, emotions, and energetic blockages. By raising your vibration, you’re not only opening yourself up to better health but also preventing dis-ease before it starts.

Some ideas you can implement in your daily routine that will help you increase your frequency:

  • Eat high-frequency foods: A diet filled with fresh, organic foods will help you feed and nourish your cells and serve as a building material for a healthy body and mind. Eliminate sugar, junk, and processed foods as much as possible.
  • Think high-frequency thoughts: Negative thoughts lower your frequency and negatively impacts your ability to manifest. Try to catch yourself as soon as you start thinking negatively and switch your focus to positive beliefs.
  • Listen to uplifting music: Listen to music that makes you happy and uplifts your spirit.
  • Drink fresh water: Water helps eliminate waste and flush toxins out of your body. It is very important when doing any spiritual work.
  • Work out: Moving your body helps energy move freely through your body. It nourishes and brings life to your cells and increases your manifesting abilities.
  • Spend time in nature: Connect with nature as much as possible. Nature brings out the best in you, grounds you, and purifies your mind and spirit.
  • Spend time with high-frequency people: People who have goals and think positively about the future are more likely to uplift you. On the other hand, try to limit your interactions with negative people and people who like to engage in rumors as much as possible.
  • Do things that bring you joy: Doing any hobbies you enjoy, going for walks, spending time with friends, traveling, and engaging in creativity and expressing yourself are excellent activities for raising your frequency.
  • Love yourself: Self-love is the root of all love. Negative thoughts about yourself and your life limit your happiness and energy flow and prevent you from manifesting the reality you desire.

4. Visualize Your Ideal Health

See yourself as healthy and whole in your mind’s eye. Feel the joy and vitality of being in peak health. The more real and detailed you can make your visualization, the better.

Don’t doubt your ability to manifest excellent health, and don’t think of your health negatively. The more you focus on and think about your disease, the more of it you will manifest.

Think of times you’ve been in your ideal state of health and visualize yourself looking and feeling this way in the future.

5. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in manifesting good health. Be grateful for your health, even if it’s not where you want it to be.

Look at all the things that are right in your body and health, and thank the universe for them daily. The more thankful you are for your health, the more you will attract health and wellness into your life.

Most people have a negative habit of noticing their blessings only when they are gone. Be grateful and express gratitude for each of them while they are there.

Consider taking up gratitude journaling as a part of your daily manifestation practice.

6. Release Negativity

Releasing negativity from your life will strengthen your manifesting abilities and help you attract the life you want. It means releasing resentment, bitterness, or disappointment you might be feeling.

The more you hold on to your shame, fears of the future or disappointment about your past mistakes, the less space is left for your positive manifestations.

Let go of these emotions and focus on positive, healthy thoughts instead.

7. Fill Your Body With Goodness

Another important step in manifesting health is to fill your body with goodness.

It means eating healthy, nourishing foods that will support your health goals, drinking plenty of fresh water, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Your thoughts, emotions, and interactions are equally important.

Think of your emotions as equally important to your well-being as the food you eat. Focus on bringing as much positive emotion into your life as possible and limiting negative feelings. The emotions you feel are feeding your soul, body, and mind.

If you struggle with negative emotions and have difficulty releasing this habit, consider talking to a professional or journaling about your limiting beliefs.

Consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you get into a new mindset and train your brain to see life in a positive light.

8. Create a Health Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a great way to visualize and manifest your ideal health. Fill your board with images and affirmations that represent the health you desire.

Be specific when choosing images; ensure they inspire you, uplift your mood, and don’t intimidate or make you feel bad. Remember that your emotions are the key when manifesting.

Place your vision board somewhere you’ll see it often, and take time to meditate on your vision board regularly.

Trust that you can achieve the desired results and express gratitude whenever you look at your vision board!

9. Speak Kindly To Yourself

The words you speak have power. So be sure to speak kindly to yourself, especially regarding your health.

Use affirmative statements such as “I am healthy and whole” or “My body is healing and getting stronger every day.”

Don’t be distracted by your current state of health. Don’t beat yourself up for the state of your health, as that will only make matters worse by attracting more problems to your life.

Know that anything can be transformed and improved with your trust and help from the universe!

10. Take Inspired Action

Although the power of thought and intention is important in manifesting good health, inspired action is also key.

It might include cutting sugar, working out, seeing a doctor or naturopath, or making healthy lifestyle changes.

Create SMART goals that align with your intentions, and follow your plan daily.

The acronym stands for the words “Specific,” “Measurable,” “Achievable,” “Relevant,” and “Time-bound.”

Remember, you are the creator of your reality. Take charge of your health and start manifesting the life you want today!


To manifest great health, you must remember three elements – intention, full trust, and inspired action. These are the basis of your success.

When you follow these tips, you will align yourself with the state of your optimal health. Have full trust that you can and deserve to achieve your desired health.

A healthy body reflects a healthy mind – heal your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, and your excellent health will reflect that!