How Often Should You Manifest for Best Results

How Often Should You Manifest

The Law of Attraction, also known as the Law of Mirroring, states that things, people, and places with similar frequency are energetic matches. Therefore, they attract each other.

The process of consciously applying this law is called manifesting. If you are new to manifesting or a seasoned manifester, you might wonder how often you should manifest and if there is a thing called manifesting too often.

There is no limit to how often you should manifest. However, you have a limited amount of attention and energy. Therefore you have to pick your battles when you manifest. Otherwise, none of your manifestations will be effective.

To know how often you should manifest, you can use this formula:

X * Y * Z : Q = R

X is your trust and gratitude, Y is your energy and attention,  Z is your frequency, Q is the number of things you are willing to attract, and R is the likelihood of your manifestation coming true.

You manifest your reality every moment, even if you are not aware of it. To take the reins in your hands and manifest your life consciously, study this formula to manifest more effectively and efficiently.

As you master and apply all the steps in this formula, all areas of your life will be transformed for the better. You will experience positive changes in your happiness levels, well-being, relationships, success, finances, and creative expression.

Go through each step of this formula to learn how you can improve your manifesting abilities. Get familiar with and strengthen yourself in each area, and your manifesting game will be top-tier!

The Formula for Manifesting

The Formula For Manifesting

The manifesting formula X * Y * Z : Q = R states:

(X) your trust and gratitude, times (Y) your energy and attention, times (Z) your frequency, divided by (Q) the number of things you are willing to attract, equals (R) the likelihood of your manifestation coming true.

Let’s break down each of the elements.


Your trust is the key when it comes to manifesting. When you trust in your ability to manifest and the universe to provide for you whatever you need, you are aligning yourself with the divine current of creation and opening yourself for receiving the blessings.

The importance of trust is famously expressed in the famous Bible verse: “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

If you doubt your ability to manifest, you create energetic blockages that prevent the blessings from coming into your life.


When you feel gratitude for things that are already in your life, for blessings you are already receiving from the universe, you are aligning yourself with success in manifesting.

When we begin our manifesting journey, it is natural for us to focus on things we desire to attract, but as a result, we might start focusing on things we don’t yet have in our lives, therefore experiencing a sense of lack.

Take time to express gratitude daily. Think of things you already have in your life and those you wish to receive, and express gratitude for them, imagining that you have already received them.

A great practice to start is gratitude journaling – write in your gratitude journal daily and list all the things you are blessed with in your life. Remember to mention things you might otherwise take for granted, such as a sunny day, a cup of coffee, or your pet.

There are no things too big or too small to be grateful for.

Your Energy

Regardless of what you are willing to create or manifest, energy is the prerequisite for all creation. Your level of available energy will determine how successful you are at manifesting.

We often waste a lot of our energy unwillingly and are unaware of it. The best you can do is find all aspects of your life where you are leaking energy and adjust them.

Some of the most common energy takers are:

  • unbalanced diet,
  • suppressing emotions,
  • lack of quality sleep,
  • lack of movement,
  • overthinking,
  • toxic relationships,
  • a job you don’t enjoy,
  • self-criticism.

Simultaneously, try to incorporate more activities in your daily schedule that will give you more energy, such as:

  • breathing exercises, such as pranayama,
  • time in nature,
  • creating art and playing music,
  • playing and doing things for fun, without expectation of outcome,
  • meditation,
  • journaling,
  • balancing your energy through movement and exercise, such as tai chi, yoga, and qi gong.


Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Your attention plays a significant role in your ability to manifest. Monitor yourself for 24 hours to recognize how much of your time and attention goes into conscious and unconscious activities.

Recognize the habits that steal your attention, such as entertainment and social media. Try to remove as many of them from your life as possible, so you can entirely focus your attention on the reality you are creating.

Your Frequency

The higher your frequency, the stronger your ability to manifest and the more things you can manifest at once.

Your emotions are the most accurate indicator of your vibrational state. Your frequency lowers if you often experience stress, overwhelm, and negative emotions.

Our frequency lowers when we experience trauma and don’t process our emotions fully.

If you feel unable to process your negative emotions and intentionally raise your frequency, look into techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping, bioenergetics, somatic therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

The Number of Things You Want To Manifest

If you desire to manifest many things instantly, you will split your energy and attention among them, and as a result, none of them will receive your full attention. Therefore, they will be much harder to manifest.

Instead, try to manifest positive changes gradually. Ideally, you should take one aspect of your life you would like to improve and entirely focus on it.

This gives your subconscious mind a clear direction, allows you to feed the manifestation with all of your energy, and as a result, the improvements will happen much faster.


Remember that we manifest our reality at all times, and there are no random occurrences in our lives. The saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” is so famous for a reason. You attract to your life everything you resonate with.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions attract your life experiences, whether you are aware of them or not. Therefore you are manifesting continuously.

Manifesting intentionally by directing your energy and attention in the desired direction is no different – you can do it as often as you desire.

As long as you take care of all the critical elements from the manifesting formula, the universe will hear you and deliver your blessings!