How To Manifest Something in a Week (11-Step Guide)

How To Manifest Something In A Week

As the newest research in quantum physics confirms, everything in the Universe is made of energy. Energy can be structured in different ways, known as frequency and vibration.

Before something is manifested in physical reality, it is shaped on the subtle levels of reality – the same levels where your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions reside.

We attract into our lives whatever we vibrate on a similar wavelength with. For example, negative people attract more misery and mishaps, while positive people attract success and more joyful experiences than negative people.

Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful magnets that attract situations, people, and opportunities to your life. Observing your mind and mindfully choosing your thoughts and beliefs can manifest the experiences you desire. Be clear on what you want, check your intentions, take inspired action, and trust it will come into your life!

This is a brief explanation of how manifestation works. To use it in your life, especially if you desire to manifest something in a short time, you need a much more thorough understanding of how it works. In this article, you will learn 11 steps you can take to manifest something in a week!

11 Steps To Manifest Something in a Week

11 Steps To Manifest Something In A Week

To manifest something in a week, you need determination, focus, and full trust that it is possible. Follow these 11 steps, and you will manifest miracles in your life in no time!

1. Know What You Want

To manifest something in a short amount of time, you have to be very clear on what it is that you want and why you want it.

The more clear you are about your wants and needs, the stronger your emotions will be. The stronger your emotions, the more aligned you are with what you desire.

Take your journal and find a space where you won’t be disturbed. Without thinking and stopping, write in free form all your thoughts on why you want what you want.

Write for at least 30 minutes straight, and don’t stop and don’t censor yourself.

What are your intentions and motivations? How will this make you feel?

This will help you discover a lot about yourself and your desires, and it will help you find new dimensions of your desires. Understanding what it is you want on a deeper level will give a lot of extra energy to your ability to manifest.

2. Check Your Intentions

Before you start the manifestation process, you need to check how pure your intentions are. Read through everything you have written down. The purer your intentions are, the higher are chances that they will manifest.

Are your desires intended to make someone envy you or harm someone, even in a subtle way? Are they interfering with someone else’s free will?

In this case, you should rethink if you truly want to manifest them because even if you get the desired results, this can also bring karmic ramifications that will negatively impact your life.

If your intentions are pure and follow your highest excitement, if they don’t harm you or others and are in alignment with your purpose – go ahead and proceed with the next steps.

3. Envision It Clearly

Think about what it is that you want in as much detail as possible. Imagine already having it. If it is an item, think about its uses in your life, think about its color and shape, and how it will feel for you to touch it.

Which emotions does it stir up? Don’t rush this process, and observe it closely. Your emotions are the key in this process.

You can even create a vision board that will help you in your visualization process.

4. Observe Your Feelings

Your emotions are key when it comes to manifesting. Your emotions launch vibrational patterns that help you align yourself with the reality and experiences you desire.

Observe your feelings when you think about having already achieved or fulfilled your desires.

Will you feel excited? Inspired? Fully satisfied? Joyful or calm? Close your eyes and envision it.

It might be surprising to you, but it is also possible that some negative feelings will come up, such as tension, fear of not getting it, jealousy, or feeling unworthy.

This is normal but can intervene with your manifestation process. Check step 8 to learn how to work through limiting beliefs.

5. Take Inspired Action

When talking about manifesting, we often forget that we have to take action. Wishful thinking is not enough.

Don’t get attached to the idea of your dreams manifesting in a specific way, as the Universe helps you in ways that are much better than you yourself could plan. But open paths for the Universe instead of just sitting around and waiting.

Make a clear action plan to move in the direction of fulfilling your dreams, and think of all the ways they can become a reality. Move towards your goals with full trust, and keep your eyes open when the Universe gives you a sign you need to adjust them!

Don’t be afraid to wing it and play by the ear when necessary!

6. Express Gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation are crucial in the manifestation process. Express and feel gratitude for the blessings that are on their way to you. Practice gratitude daily in your life for everything you already have.

Gratitude is the most powerful tool in changing your life. We often live our lives noticing what we don’t yet have and wishing for more and completely overlooking that which we do have.

This attitude, however, further propels the lack-mentality and pushes us deeper into limiting beliefs. Change the direction of your life by focusing on what you have, and your manifestation powers will increase a thousandfold!

7. Trust Fully

The Universe is there to help you achieve your dreams. When you have spent time visualizing your goals and have started taking steps in the direction of fulfilling them, you have to let go of all expectations and trust fully.

If you have doubts, it will interfere with your manifestation work.

When you place an order online on a reputable website, such as Amazon, you don’t doubt that you will receive the package. After you have placed the order, you can just relax in full confidence that one day soon, there will be a delivery.

Your confidence in the Universe should be even stronger, as there is nothing more reputable than the Universe itself!

8. Work With Limiting Beliefs

Along with emotions, your thoughts and beliefs play a key role in the manifestation process.

If you are manifesting something that has previously seemed impossible to you or something you subconsciously feel unworthy of, you have to work with your limiting beliefs. It is common for people to simultaneously hold contrary beliefs.

You might truly desire something but simultaneously be afraid of having it.

Start with observing your beliefs, and don’t try to push them away. What you resist persists. You have to be mindful and observe your beliefs without judgment.

Beliefs are just programs imprinted onto your consciousness throughout your life. It is difficult to reprogram your beliefs in such a short time span. However, there is a lot you can do to move some rocks out of the manifestations way.

You can start with guided meditations that deal with limiting beliefs. Also, you can write and repeat affirmations that don’t directly contradict your limiting beliefs but are helping you switch your focus positively towards that which you want.

For example, if you have discovered that you feel unworthy of receiving blessings of the Universe, don’t say: “I am worthy!” as your subconscious mind will feel you are lying to it, but instead you can say: “I open myself for abundance, I invite positive experiences into my life.”

You can find many great ideas for affirmations on Pinterest or YouTube.

9. Infuse Your Life With the Feeling of What You Want

To receive what you desire, you have to fully align your emotions and beliefs with it.

Remember step three? Bring as many of the feelings and emotions you would experience when your manifestation already shows up into your present reality!

Will it make you inspired? Do as many inspiring things as possible in your daily life, no matter how small or seemingly meaningless! Will you feel relaxed and content?

Allow yourself to feel that already, even when in stressful circumstances, and you will align your frequency with that of your desires.

10. Let Go of Expectations

If you hyper-focus on your blessings to manifest with certain conditions, such as how they will come to you, you close paths and limit the opportunities for the Universe to deliver its blessings to you.

The Universe knows what you want and need better than you can imagine. After all the great work you have already put in, now is the time to surrender and trust the higher intelligence without a doubt!

11. Receive

When receiving what you desire, express your joy and allow yourself to celebrate. When you are happy from the bottom of your heart, it makes the Universe rejoice together with you.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to express gratitude, and don’t forget to thank the Universe properly. Share your happiness and blessings with others and spread joy to others as well.


It is absolutely possible to manifest something in a week if you set your mind and heart to it. With full dedication and focus, you can manifest your wildest dreams. Follow steps 1 – 11 and observe how your life changes for the better.