10 Reasons Why Your Manifestations Are Not Working

Why Is My Manifestation Not Working

Manifesting has become so popular for the very simple reason that it works. You, indeed, have the power to create your reality when you are aware of the laws at play. Your thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions create your frequency and attract specific experiences to your life.

When you learn to align your vibration and frequency to your desired reality, your dreams start to come true. Sometimes you might be wondering if it is working and if you are doing it correctly.

What should you do and pay attention to when you feel your manifestation is not working?

A common reason for manifestation not working is limiting beliefs. If you doubt yourself or hold resentment, it puts brakes on your manifestation efforts. When you don’t see your talents, live in a lack of consciousness, and undervalue yourself, it can stop your manifestations from coming true.

Whatever the reason for your manifestations not working, there is a way to reverse and fix these patterns. Keep reading to find the most likely reasons why your manifestations are not working and what to do about it!

10 Reasons Why Your Manifestation Might Not Be Working

10 Reasons Why Your Manifestation Might Not Be Working

Manifesting consciously means mindfully choosing your thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions to align yourself with the reality you most desire.

It might seem difficult at first, as we are conditioned to believe that our beliefs are reflections of “objective reality”. But it is more complicated than that. Each of us experiences a different reality.

Even when two people are in the same room, they each perceive reality from their point of perspective, each through their lens.

When your manifestation is not working, you likely need to switch your focus and purify your perception. As your perception and focus are shifting, so will your reality!

1. You Hold Limiting Beliefs

We take on our beliefs throughout our lives, starting from a very early age. Most of our beliefs are shaped and fully formed by the age we are eight years old and even before we are born.

Our beliefs shape the lens through which we look at the world. Our beliefs inform our emotions, and the emotions shape our frequency which attracts experiences into our lives. 

This is how our beliefs shape our reality. When your manifestations are not working, chances are very high that limiting beliefs are holding you back.

This means even though you want to manifest your desires, a part of you might believe that resources are scarce, that you are not worthy of success, or that others are more talented than you.

None of this is true and it is only your mind who tells you a story based on what you have experienced in the past. Just because something has seemed true in your past, it doesn’t have to be true in your future and your present moment.

As soon as you change your beliefs, your reality will change as well!

2. You Doubt Yourself

If you have failed in the past, it is easy to start doubting if you are even able and capable of achieving great heights.

If you doubt your ability to be successful or your ability to manifest your desired reality, keep in mind that you are manifesting every moment of your life, even if you are doing so unconsciously.

Manifesting your desired life means shifting your focus and starting to create mindfully and consciously instead of allowing yourself to float down the stream and be affected by everything around you.

3. You Feel Envy

You can’t attract life experiences that you don’t wish for others. If you want to succeed while seeing others fail, you are not aware that you are a part of the Universe, and when anyone succeeds, all of us collectively succeed.

If you have a competitive mindset, try to switch your mindset from competing with others to competing with your past self.

When you start looking at life this way, you will be impressed at all the small improvements in your life that you might have taken for granted.

The more you start noticing your progress and thank yourself for every small step you take, the more you will align yourself with the positive experiences you are trying to manifest.

4. You Hold Resentment

It has often been said that holding resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

You indeed might have gone through difficult and painful experiences, but the longer you hold on to them and ruminate, the more negativity you attract to your life.

If you feel resentment, even if the other person has mistreated you, you are living in victim consciousness and showing the Universe that you are not the conscious creator of your reality.

5. You Don’t Trust the Universe

Trusting the Universe is the key when it comes to manifesting. When you trust the Universe, it means you are aware that you are a part of the Universe.

When you see yourself as a beloved child of the Universe that is inseparable from it, you know that you will be always taken care of and provided for. It simply can not be any other way.

When you doubt it, it means you are believing in the illusion of separation and hold the idea that you have to fight for everything and that you are on your own.

It’s a common misconception because we all perceive ourselves as separate individuals, yet we are all interconnected on an energetic level. When you come back to this understanding, you open yourself up for the Universe to provide its blessings to you.

6. You Don’t See the Gifts You Already Have

It’s easy to get lost thinking of things you would still want and how you would want to improve yourself and your life.

However, the key to manifesting is recognizing and being aware of things you already have! If you gave someone a gift and they didn’t appreciate it, would you want to give them more gifts?

Think of the Universe the same way – show appreciation and gratitude and allow it to take over you, and more blessings will be on their way!

7. You Live in the Lack of Consciousness

The lack of consciousness is a very common problem.

When we didn’t have enough of something as children, whether it was love, acceptance, toys, or clothes, or when we saw others have more than us, we might have fallen into the belief that there is not enough for everyone and someone has to lose for someone else to win.

It is not true!

The Universe is abundant, and there is absolutely enough of everything you need. When you move from a lack mentality to an abundance consciousness in your mindset, your reality will reflect it.

8. You Don’t Treat Yourself With Love

Too often, we think that we will treat ourselves right when all things have fallen into place. We think we will buy beautiful clothes when we have lost weight or cook a nice meal only when we are together with someone.

This is a flawed mindset because it shows the Universe that you believe that you are unworthy of being treated kindly and with love, just as you are at this very moment.

Reverse this pattern by showing love and care for yourself.

Take yourself for a date, start a hobby you’ve been putting off, and do things out of pure enjoyment without a result on the mind and you will be impressed at speed your manifestations will start to come true!

The more you appreciate yourself, the more Universe will gift you with miracles.

9. You Are Not Committed

If you do a manifestation ritual or count your affirmations and then go back to negative thinking and start doubting manifesting process, you are taking one step forward and two steps back.

It is a very common mistake as it requires new neural connections to be established for you to believe that you are worthy of achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams. But with faith and patience, everything is possible.

Be fully committed to manifesting the reality you desire and meditate if your thoughts and doubt start to bother you.

10. Your Affirmations Are Not Worded Correctly

It is important your affirmations are worded correctly and that you are not trying to bulldoze your subconscious mind.

For example, if you are broke but say as an affirmation: “I am wealthy, and I live in a mansion”, your subconscious mind will be offended and won’t respond to something that is a lie.

Instead, try to sow small seeds that have the potential to be absorbed and grow in your subconscious mind. You can instead opt to say: “Universe is abundant and takes care of me. Abundance is all around me”.

This will slowly reprogram your perception and allow you to notice the gifts that, indeed, are already all around you.


Manifesting is an exciting journey that can help you live your best life. When you do it with full trust, it has the potential to completely transform how you look at life and think of things.

When your mind is reprogrammed and when the lens of your perception is cleansed – you will notice a brand new world around you. Manifesting changes your inner world and your outer world.

If something seems to be not working, these tips will help you find the answer and the solution, so you can start living the life of your dreams!