How To Manifest Abundance in 11 Steps

How To Manifest Abundance

Abundance is a state of mind and a state of being. Many people want to attract abundance, but it is the wrong way of thinking about it. Abundance is all around you; you don’t need to attract it; you just need to learn to see it.

Your mind creates your reality – what you see, you attract. Your thoughts and emotions magnetize your life experiences.

The key to abundance hides in your mind and in the way you look at the world. When you learn to see even the small things with appreciation, more good things will come to your life.

To manifest abundance, you need to release all energy blockages from your body, mind, and environment. For this, you need to release limiting beliefs, resentment, and any envy you might feel towards those who have more than you, follow your highest excitement, and visualize your dream reality.

Abundance has many forms, and it’s all around you when you are open to seeing it. Find the 11 steps to manifesting abundance in your life below.

11 Steps to Manifest Abundance

11 Steps To Manifest Abundance

To live in abundance, you need to change the way you look at life. It requires creating new neural connections which will further help you enter your new, abundant life.

These are some of the most effective steps for you to start looking at your life and abundance in a new way.

1. Shape Your Environment

You manifest with your feelings and emotions. If you think, see, and feel abundance, you will live in it at all moments.

Shape your environment according to how you desire to live. If you desire to live in a large house with a garden but now live in a small room, decorate your current space as neatly as possible and buy even one house plant. Treat this plant with love and care.

If you wish to wear expensive designer clothes but currently can’t afford them, make sure you dress as neatly as possible and treat your clothes with care.

Keep in mind that all things have consciousness – your toothbrush, the table you’re sitting at, your clothes, and your room.

When you treat everything around you with kindness, love, and respect, keep your surroundings organized and clean, and show appreciation even for the smallest things, everything around you starts radiating gratitude and a sense of appreciation. As a result, you will be attracting even more beautiful and useful things to your life.

Get rid of broken things and fix whatever needs fixing. Bring into your life things that symbolize abundance to you. These can be beautiful things, paintings, fresh flowers, feng shui talismans of wealth, or crystals, such as citrine and pyrite.

2. Release Resentment

Many of us hold resentment to various degrees; we feel bad for our past mistakes, we feel bad for other people having more than we do, and we feel bad towards those we feel have wronged us.

To manifest abundance, energy has to flow freely through your life, but resentment blocks any positive experiences and all forms of abundance from entering your life.

When you feel resentment, it means you don’t yet know that you are the creator of your reality and have given power over your well-being and feelings to others.

This mindset won’t get you anywhere when you are manifesting your desired reality. You must be confident that you are the creator of your life path and that you can fully trust the universe.

Learn to look at the bright side of all things and recognize the positive aspect of anything that happens around you. As you develop this ability, good things will come to you at an unlimited rate.

To manifest abundance, you need to learn to relax and allow life to take its course. Let come what comes; don’t hold on to what is leaving you. Don’t hold on to things that have served their time in your life, as that is a part of lack mentality.

3. Straighten Your Back

Kings and queens don’t slouch when sitting on their thrones. Peasants doing hard labor do. As you enter a life full of abundance, you are also elevating yourself to a new level of mindset and perception.

Don’t wait for good things to come to you for you to start behaving differently – adjust your behavior to your desired reality immediately.

Your posture shows how you feel about yourself and your life and shows how you wish to be seen by others. Energy moves through your spine, and it is the core of your body.

If you stand tall at all times, even when nobody is watching you, you are showing the universe that you respect and honor yourself and respect the body you have been given for this life.

4. Release Envy

Envy is a feeling that others have something you want but believe you can’t have. This emotion blocks abundance like nothing else.

We receive what we wish upon others. If you feel this way, don’t blame or guilt yourself for it, as it will only make things worse. It is a natural feeling that our consciousness absorbs when we have been lacking something in childhood.

As feeling envy is often shamed, learn not to deny feeling the way you feel, as only when you admit to yourself how you feel you can understand yourself better. Envy often symbolizes and reveals your hidden potential.

If you feel that envy is a persistent problem for you, look up tools to process your envy and the psychological reasons behind it. 

5. Process the Feeling of Guilt

Guilt can be rational, or it can be irrational. Often we carry a subconscious feeling of guilt from the time we were born and even before that.

Our early life experiences shape the way we perceive the world, and if there was a lot of shaming and blaming in our childhood, it is likely we take on a subconscious feeling that we are not good enough or that we are to blame for all bad things that happen around us.

This irrational feeling creates a lot of negative karma as you are sending signals into the universe asking to be punished for your perceived mistakes.

6. Follow Your Highest Excitement

No guru and no wise man can tell you what is the best course of action for you better than your inner compass – your feelings.

When you follow your joy, your passion, and the feeling of contentment, you are connected with the stream of life and riding the current of energy that flows through you.

7. Respect Your Energy

Stop wasting your energy and investing it in things that don’t serve your highest good. This applies to your thoughts and behavior.

If you have unfinished tasks laying around or some form of debt, they are constantly consuming your energy as you are feeding them with your thoughts.

Write a to-do list with your unfinished tasks and remove the ones that are not important. Write realistic deadlines next to the remaining tasks and accomplish them as fast as possible, so they are not draining any more of your energy by making you think of them.

8. Release Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs we have taken up from our childhood and from the society that makes us feel limited about our opportunities and possibilities in the world. Our beliefs are based on what we have already experienced, not on what is a truly accurate depiction of reality.

Therefore, we go through our lives thinking and looking at the world in a limited way. Because of this, we can only experience limited possibilities as our mind resists anything which is beyond its perceived reality.

Stretch your mind by releasing your limiting beliefs. Look at things you can do to shape new, more beneficial beliefs.

9. Stretch

Abundance in all forms, financial, creative, and others, is energy. To allow this energy to flow freely through your life, it needs to flow freely through your body.

If you have mental and emotional blocks, they manifest themselves as physical blocks. Stretching and yoga are some of the best things you can do to allow more energy to flow through your body and, therefore, through your life.

All types of relaxation and breathing exercises are equally beneficial, and the more time you invest in these practices, the bigger progress you will see in your life and perception of the world.

10. Manifestation Ritual

Find time for daily or weekly manifestation rituals. You can also do this ritual specifically on New Moon. Close your eyes and meditate. Visualize the reality you desire to live in.

You can do it every night before you fall asleep or in the morning as soon as you wake up, as at this time, your subconscious mind is the most susceptible to forming new beliefs.

11. Practice Gratitude

The feeling of gratitude elevates your frequency and aligns you with the feeling of already living in abundance. Notice all small things and small gifts from the universe.

The more you appreciate what you already have and the more you allow yourself to feel grateful for things you will receive, the more gifts you will be given.


Abundance is all around you, it is not a matter of attracting it but a matter of seeing and recognizing it. Too often, we look at what we lack and don’t realize what we already have.

This creates a lack mentality, which further perpetuates the cycle of us having less than what we desire. When we switch the lens through which we look at life – the life we are looking at changes!