8 Ideas What To Do With Your Manifestation Paper

What To Do With Manifestation Paper

There are so many tips and so much advice on how to manifest and what manifesting tools are the most effective.

You have journaled about your desires and written your manifestations and affirmations, and now you are left completely puzzled about what to do with your manifestation papers!

Should you keep it or throw it out? Is there something you should do with it, and what is not recommended? Can throwing these papers out bring bad luck or make your manifestations less effective?

What you do with your manifestation papers is just as important as what you write on them when you are manifesting. They create an energetic bond between you and your intentions. They serve as mediators and messengers for your intentions to come true.

What you should do with them depends on what your specific intentions are. If it is something that requires reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can place them under your pillow at night. If you want to send it to subtle realms to manifest faster, you can burn it or cut them into small pieces and throw them in the wind. You can also keep them and re-read them daily.

Manifesting is a personal journey, and only you can decide what the best approach for you is. You might wish to keep your papers but not have enough privacy. Don’t worry about it. The big work has already been done by you setting the intentions and writing them down.

Keep reading to find other options for what to do with your manifestation paper. Choosing the correct approach will help you manifest faster, especially when you are mindful of your choice!

8 Ideas What To Do With Manifestation Paper

8 Ideas What To Do With Manifestation Paper

If you opt to keep your manifestation papers and notes, make sure you have enough privacy, and nobody will read them behind your back. Manifesting is a personal and intimate process, and not everyone in your family might be as open-minded to understand your intentions.

If, in case someone does find them and you receive some criticism, don’t take it close to your heart! It means they haven’t evolved enough spiritually and emotionally to respect the personal space and privacy of others, as well as respect the individuality and desires of others.

Never let it get close to your heart. If someone makes fun of you for your manifestation practice, chances are, at some point, they have been bullied themselves.

Remember that it’s hurt people who hurt other people!

1. Burn Them

Burn Them

Burning your intentions in a flame of a candle, in a fireplace, or in a ritual bonfire is among the best ideas. If you are doing it in your house or apartment, keep safety in mind.

Fire is a very powerful element, and it is the mediator between the visible and invisible realms. By placing your intentions into the fire, ask the spirit of fire to help your manifestations come true.

Think of fire as an embodiment of the Sun – the powerful life-giving force that keeps all of us alive. Don’t forget to thank fire before and after you manifest.

If you are doing a ritual bonfire, you can give a gift to the fire – grains or flower petals. Hold them for a moment, thinking about all the good things fire brings into your life, such as food, warmth, and comfort, and throw them into the fire with gratitude.

2. Place Them Under Your Pillow While You Sleep

When you want to manifest something that requires you to reprogram your beliefs, for example, you desire to enter a new life quality and manifest your health, business, and relationship goals to come true, placing your manifestation paper under your pillow overnight can be a great idea.

It is believed that your manifestation paper connects with your subconscious mind while you sleep and can bring you great insights and useful tips on how to start looking at life in a new way and help your manifestations come true.

3. Keep Them In a Safe Place

Keep Them In A Safe Place

You can choose to keep your manifestation papers to re-read them from time to time and appreciate that you were once dreaming about things that you are now enjoying as your reality.

Keep them someplace where nobody else will have access to them, and set a reminder to yourself to read them in a year. You are likely to be truly surprised at how many of them will have come true!

4. Mail Them To Yourself

If you are manifesting someone’s love or getting noticed for a job, or being accepted into a college, you can write your manifestations in a letter form and mail it to yourself, imagining it has been sent by them.

Allow gratitude to take over you as you are reading them, and imagine how the person felt when they sent them. This is a very powerful manifestation technique that allows you to align with your desired reality.

5. Keep Them in a Visible Place and Read Them

Alternatively, you can keep them on your nightstand, on your kitchen table, or pinned to your fridge. A place where you will see them daily.

If you are using affirmations to reprogram your limiting beliefs, this can be a great tool for being constantly reminded to focus on your new reality instead of falling back into your habitual perception.

It is often advised you shouldn’t overthink your manifestation and not spend too much time ruminating on it as you might start doubting it and micromanaging the tasks of the Universe, such as thinking about how your manifestations will come true.

Instead, focus only on transforming your thought patterns and the way you talk to yourself daily. If your manifestations are written in affirmation form, keeping them in a visible place and being exposed to them daily is a great idea.

6. Put Them on Your Desktop

Put Them On Your Desktop

If you are writing your manifestations as digital notes, you can keep them as a screensaver on your phone or your computer desktop. If you have handwritten manifestation notes you would like to keep in mind and be constantly reminded of, take a photo of them.

If you work on your computer a lot or use your phone often, you will be reminded of your manifestation efforts every time you encounter them.

7. Cut Them and Throw Them in the Wind

An idea popularized by Yoko Ono when she advised her Twitter followers to write a love letter to the world, cut it into pieces and throw it into the wind so it could be scattered around the world.

Be mindful if your manifestations are written on large sheets of paper or if you have used paper that is not ecological. You definitely shouldn’t harm nature when manifesting by throwing into the wind something that can be toxic to plants or animals.

If your manifestations are written on natural paper and don’t take up much space, cutting them up into tiny pieces and giving your intentions into the hands of the wind spirit and allowing them to be carried around the world with the wings of the wind can be a spectacular idea.

8. Throw Them Out

If none of the previous ideas are reasonable and applicable to your situation, don’t hold on to them, and don’t feel bad for throwing them out. If your manifestations are private, you might want to cut them up so nobody can read what you have written.

You can express gratitude to your manifestation paper before you throw it out and throw it out in a respectful way.

Trust that the job is done and your intentions have been heard by the greater Universe. Setting the intention and being mindful of it is the most important part.


There are many creative ways you can go about when it comes to taking care of your manifestation papers. You can burn them, mail them to yourself, place them on your desktop or screensaver or keep them in a safe place and re-read them from time to time.

If none of these work for you, keep in mind that throwing out your manifestation papers won’t harm your manifestation and won’t upset the Universe if you trust it and don’t allow it to make you feel guilty!