What Color Candle Is Best for Manifestation?

What Color Candle Is Best For Manifestation?

When you are preparing for your manifesting ritual, you might be wondering how to find all the right tools and which tools exactly to use.

The origin of crystals, the artwork of tarot cards, and the colors of the candle are all very important details as they radiate specific energy and attract particular frequencies. When it comes to manifesting, choosing the right color of candles is particularly important.

Which color should you choose, and which is the best for manifesting?

The color of candles you use for manifesting rituals depends on your intentions. Violet, golden, and white candles can help manifest your strongest desires, while yellow can help with manifestations related to self-esteem and confidence. Use blue color candles if your intention is related to intuition or self-expression.

Candles are an important tool for your manifesting rituals as they bring the energy of fire into your space. Fire helps you connect with subtle realms, and it helps you thin the veil between the visible and invisible realms so your intentions can come true faster.

Keep reading to explore the meaning of colors, find the right color for your manifestations, and discover ways you can use colored candles in your manifestation rituals!

10 Tips To Use Colored Candles for Manifestation

To choose the right color for your manifestation ritual, you will need to connect with the meaning of colors and their symbolism and get in touch with your intuition.

Pay Attention!

When working with candles, be mindful of your surroundings and don’t start a fire. Just in case, keep a bowl of water near you. If you use a candle made of oil, never pour water over it, as it will only make the flames larger.

1. Find the Color Of Your Highest Expression

Find The Color Of Your Highest Expression

Find a peaceful and calm space where you won’t be bothered. Sit down in your favorite meditation position and close your eyes. Breathe calmly and relax your body.

Visualize connecting with your higher self, above your head, and pay close attention to any colors that might appear. You might notice yourself surrounded by red fiery energy or energy reminding you of golden liquid light.

Whatever it looks and feels like, it should give you a sense of stillness and uplift your mood. This is the color of your highest expression.

Keep in mind that the color of your highest expression can change with time. Repeat this practice from time to time and notice how it changes with time.

Visualize this color when manifesting and use candles in this color when manifesting. It will help you align your intentions with your highest expression and potential.

2. Study Chakra Colors

Study Chakra Colors

Chakras are the energy centers in your body through which you are connected with subtle realms. Almost always, your manifestations are related to the function of certain chakras.

Study colors and meanings of chakras in depth to explore which colors can be beneficial for your manifesting ritual. Here are the general outlines –

  • Root Chakra – Red – Grounding, physical identity, security
  • Sacral – Orange – Sexuality, creativity, pleasure
  • Solar Plexus – Yellow – Self-esteem, confidence, will-power
  • Heart – Green – Love, compassion
  • Throat – Blue – Communication, self-expression
  • Third Eye – Indigo – Intuition, imagination
  • Crown – Violet or White- Awareness, higher intelligence

3. Symbolism


Look into various cultures and belief systems, such as Vedic Astrology, to discover deeper meanings of each color.

This study can help you learn a lot about yourself and help you understand your desires better, and reveal what you need to come into alignment with.

  • Red – sexuality, passion, energy, power
  • Orange – enthusiasm, emotion, joy, optimism
  • Yellow – happiness, logic, joy, intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence
  • Green – harmony, health, safety, growth, balance, revitalization
  • Blue – security, trust, responsibility, loyalty, protection, calmness
  • Pink – compassion, love, femininity, nurturing, comfort

4. Meditate With Your Candles

Meditate With Your Candles

To connect with your candles and strengthen your manifestation, when you set the intention and light the candle on your altar, sit down in a lotus position and meditate on your intentions.

Make sure you are not laying down or sitting so comfortably that you can fall asleep, as that can be very dangerous.

5. Take a Bath With Your Candles

Take A Bath With Your Candles

Alternatively, if you live somewhere where that’s possible, you can do a ritual bath and surround yourself with flowers, flower petals, crystals, and small candles in the color of your intention.

Ensure the candles are firmly placed and can’t fall over or burn anything near them. Close your eyes as you relax in the bath and feel yourself floating in the energy of your intentions.

Imagine how you will feel when your desires come true and allow gratitude for it to take over you.

6. Create Your Own Power Candles

Create Your Own Power Candles

A great idea is to create your own manifestation candles. As you pour or roll your candles, you can already encode your intention in them. Be creative and use your imagination when creating your candles.

You can add dried petals and small chops of crystals that resonate with your intentions. Look for DIY candle inspiration on Pinterest or YouTube.

FULL & easy beginners guide to Candle Making

You can also find ready candle-making sets on Etsy. This can also be a great bonding ritual and something to do with your girlfriends or women from your family.

7. Connect With Fire Spiritually

Connect With Fire Spiritually

Connecting more deeply with fire will give your life a new depth as the energy of fire is present in everything.

Our ancestors interacted with fire daily when cooking food or warming themselves. Our modern life separates us from fire by using electricity and mechanical cookers.

Think of ways you can bond with fire and look for ways you can spend time with it. You can attend some events with a bonfire or, if possible, choose to live in an apartment with a fireplace.

Express gratitude to fire for everything it brings. Give small gifts to fire, such as flower petals or grain.

Think of fire as a small piece of the Sun – the powerful, life-giving energy that keeps us alive and supports us every moment.

8. Write and Burn Your Affirmations

Write And Burn Your Affirmations

Write your affirmations on a small piece of paper and burn them in the flame of your manifestation candle.

Visualize the energy of fire receiving your intentions and helping them come true. Express gratitude to fire every time during and after your manifesting ritual.

9. Release What You Want to Let Go

Release What You Want To Let Go

Not only can you write your affirmations, but also what you intend to let go of. Write about it in the past tense to release what doesn’t serve you anymore.

For example, if you are struggling with a disease, on a small piece of paper, you can write: “I was sick”. Afterward, burn it in the flame of the candle.

As it burns, visualize the beautiful and powerful phoenix transforming in flames to be reborn from the ashes and ask for his help with your manifestations!


Candles are a powerful tool for manifesting your desired reality. They connect you with subtle realms and help your manifestations come true faster.

Choosing the right candle color will depend on your highest expression color and your intentions.

Follow these tips for powerful ways of using colored candles in your manifesting ritual, and learn to listen to your intuition, as your intuition is the most trustworthy source!