How To Make a Cancer Man Feel Guilty

How To Make A Cancer Man Feel Guilty

The Cancer man is quiet and reserved. He doesn’t trust people easily because, like all water signs, he’s highly sensitive. However, he’s strong in a way. He understands the hardships of life more than most other signs. Like the crab, he has a hard shell to protect his vulnerable side and pincers to protect himself when he feels attacked.

Cancer men are unlikely to make the first move because of their shy and anxious nature. They’re stubborn for sure, and one lousy trait they have is always thinking they’re right.

If your Cancer man has wronged you and you want to make him feel guilty, you’ve come to the right place. He’ll rarely take the blame and admit his wrong until you do some things.

So how do you make a Cancer man feel guilty?

Don’t try to get an apology from him; show some emotion when telling him how he wronged you, but be gentle at the same time. Don’t force him to understand where you’re coming from, and give him time to think.

Below is a detailed guide on how to get a Cancer man to admit his mistakes and feel guilty.

1. Pick the Perfect Mood

Pick The Perfect Mood

With a Cancer man, you may feel like you’re always walking on eggshells. They never retain one mood throughout the day. It’s a hallmark of water signs.

You know your man, what time is he the most attentive and energetic? Starting an important conversation when he’s anxious is not the best idea.

Ensure you pick a time where he’s more likely to listen to what you have to say. If he doesn’t listen, he won’t be able to feel any form of remorse or guilt.

2. Don’t Try To Get Him To Apologize

Don’t Try To Get Him To Apologize

An apology is just words that he may not mean. Sure, it’s part of the healing process, but what you should really seek is change. Besides, a Cancer man may not want to apologize no matter how guilty he feels. He’s that stubborn.

After you’ve told your Cancer man how his actions made you feel, let him tell you what he will do to make amends. That’s enough to make him feel bad about what he’s done. If you’re waiting for the words “I’m sorry,” you may wait forever.

Cancer men aren’t very good communicators, so don’t expect much from them in the verbal aspect.

3. Show Emotion

Show Emotion

A Cancer man won’t know how much he’s hurt you until you show some emotion. Like other water signs, a Cancer man is driven by his emotions.

He reacts strongly to emotional displays, so if you cry or show how emotionally hurt you are, you’ll get him to listen to you. However, don’t force crocodile tears or try to manipulate your Cancer man.

Just let it all out when necessary, don’t hold back on how you feel. When he sees how sincerely upset you are, he’ll feel guilty.

4. Be Gentle

Be Gentle

Now, showing emotion doesn’t mean you should fling that vase you’ve had for many years across the room. You’ll only aggravate the situation.

Besides, you’ll make him more anxious when you do that, and he won’t listen to you. A Cancer man is usually anxious, so increasing his anxiety is the wrong way to make him feel guilty for what he’s done.

He gets hurt easily, and if you yell at him or spiral out of control, he’ll then make it about him, and you’ll be the one that ends up feeling guilty. Take a gentle approach instead. Show emotion, but be as gentle as possible.

5. Don’t Blame Him

Don’t Blame Him

When speaking to a cancer man, don’t overtly say, “you’re at fault for not bringing the kids back from school yesterday.” Instead, talk to him about how you had to bring them back yourself and how it didn’t fit in your schedule.

It seems counterintuitive, but you must shoulder the blame to make him feel guilty. He hates taking the blame for anything, but he hates seeing the people he loves getting hurt too.

So when trying to make a Cancer man feel guilty, talk about how whatever he did made you feel. He’ll never want to see you feel that way again, and you’ll accomplish the mission.

6. Converse in Person


If you’re trying to make a Cancer man feel guilty over a call or text, you’re wasting your time. Even video chat can’t do enough justice.

Always have deep discussions with a cancer man in person. He’ll be able to hear your tone of voice, see your hand gestures, and adequately interpret your emotions so much better. 

Besides, he can easily misunderstand your tone over text and get defensive immediately. This will then lead to another fight.

7. Don’t Force Him To Understand You

Don’t Force Him To Understand You

If you try too hard to show a Cancer man how he went wrong, he’ll get defensive and turn it around. Don’t force your pain or opinions on him. It’s his choice to accept whatever you say or not.

Cancer men tend to feel like they’re being gaslighted. So steer clear of phrases or sentences that he can interpret as you trying to gaslight him.

“Don’t you see how you’re acting right now” is one common one. When you say things like that, he’ll ignore you. Communicate your feelings clearly and let him decide what to do or feel.

8. Give Him Time to Ruminate

Give Him Time To Ruminate

After communicating with your Cancer man, go about your day as you usually do. Don’t make it seem like you’re waiting for him to feel guilty or apologize. You’ll come off as desperate.

Give him time to reflect on what you told him. He’ll know the next steps to take from there. Since he’s caring and empathetic, the guilt will kick in faster than you think, and he may even apologize.

Don’t be cold toward him. You’ll make things worse. He’s an overthinker, so he just needs some time to process before taking any action.

Final Thoughts

Cancer men are stubborn, but their stubbornness is a defense mechanism to protect how vulnerable they can get. To make him feel guilty, communicate your feelings gently and openly, don’t force him to understand you or act a certain way, and give him some time.