How Long Will a Pisces Man Stay Mad?

How Long Will A Pisces Man Stay Mad?

Getting into an argument is a fundamental part of every type of relationship. After a fight or a dispute, either party may take offense at a point and get mad at the other person.

How long they stay mad at you may vary according to the individuals, their peculiarities, and their zodiac signs.

If you are a Pisces man or you’re involved with one, you might be interested in learning how to know when a Pisces man is mad and how long he stays mad.

A Pisces man is the least judgemental of all the zodiac signs. Due to their friendly nature, they get along with almost everybody and are the easiest to decipher and understand.

Pisces are known to stay away from negative situations to protect their energy from getting drained by outside negativity. Hence, if you do anything to provoke a Pisces man, he will stay away from you for as long as possible until he believes you are genuinely sorry about your actions.

You will find this article helpful if you are interested in discovering how long a Pisces man will stay mad and signs to know when they are angry.

How a Pisces Man Acts When Mad?

How A Pisces Man Acts When Mad?

People have different ways through which they react when they are angry. While some may act based on impulse, others may give you the cold shoulder.

It is essential to find out how your partner will react when they are mad at you. If a Pisces man is upset about something you did, he might respond in one of the following ways.

Ignores You Completely

A Pisces man is wildly sensitive, so much so that minor comments may push him over the edge. Rather than deal with the problem, he prefers to put his anger aside and withdraw entirely from you and the relationship.

They don’t carry out these acts to be mean. They just need some time to calm their rage or anger.

A Pisces man in love is both an emphatic and spiritual soul. They usually believe they will find the words to tell you about their pain, but they may likely fail at that.

Their fear of confrontation and sensitivity are responsible for this phenomenon.

Pisces man cannot bear to be hurt because he knows what it is like to be in pain and what you feel when hurt. He is more than likely to give you silent treatment when something is wrong instead of telling you why he is mad.

Gives You the Cold Shoulder

Pisces may begin to brush you off, make crabby comments, or even start pouting when he is mad at you. He becomes a different person when angry, and this is because of the duality and depth of his personality.

This duality is what the fish symbolizes for Pisces. They bask in their frustrations as a reaction to being mad because they are all about emotions, vibes, and feelings.

Bottles Up His Emotions and Acts Distant

More sensitive Pisces may cope with anger by internalizing their feelings or emotions. Pisces may lock his anger away rather than explore the emotions that come with the sentiment, which is lovely and mysterious.

He rules his world with the House of Unconscious or the 12th House. He evolves and transforms by keeping his feelings to himself. He ends up suppressing his anger as he tries to avoid negative situations.

Pisces can easily be overwhelmed with emotions and also find them very stressful.

How do they respond to this?

He sets off to a quiet place where he can process his thoughts and plan his next move. This response is an option for those he genuinely loves. If not, he would completely cut you off from his life forever.

Throw a Tantrum

Pisces men are known to be sensitive, caring souls, and they are mostly calm. Thus, upsetting Pisces will make them lose their calm nature.

Their explosion can is like imagining the peace before the storm. It is full of emotion, rage, and energy.

Pisces is also known for not being confrontational, which suggests that they tend to bottle up their anger before they explode into uncontrollable rage.

Says the Worst Possible Things To Hurt You

An angry Pisces man may likely lash out to exert the same measure of hurt his feelings are going through.

He is not the typical physically aggressive man but highly intuitive. Thus, they know the particular choice of words that will hurt you in return.

Their tongues are like swords used for slicing hearts into two.

Their anger is known to go as deep as the deepest trough in the ocean. People born under this zodiac sign look innocent, like they wouldn’t hurt a soul.

Then again, when pushed to the wall, a Pisces man will have no choice but to turn around and strike where it hurts the most, only that they do this with words and not actions.


For every action, there is a reaction. You can’t provoke someone and expect them to respond with smiles and open arms. When you provoke a Pisces man, he might react in different ways, like holding a grudge against you or acting indifferent, and sometimes, he might look to hurt you with words.

However, his anger will only last until you realize your mistake and apologize accordingly. He is the most emotional of all the zodiac signs, as he is a water sign.

Pisces isn’t immune to a sincere apology, and his sensitive soul can help him be very forgiving.