How To Make a Virgo Woman Miss You

How To Make A Virgo Woman Miss You

Falling for a Virgo woman is totally understandable because they have everything a man wants in a partner. From the looks to the brains and then their high emotional intelligence.

A Virgo woman is the perfect all-rounder. But we’re guessing you already know all this; that’s why you fell for her after all. What you want to know is how to get her to miss you.

So how can you make a Virgo woman miss you?

Getting a Virgo woman to miss you is a slow and steady process; subtly remind her of the good times you shared, give her space and attention, show off your intelligence, and, most especially, make her happy in ways only you can.

The Virgo woman is independent, and getting her to miss you might be arduous. However, astrology has the solution to this, and here, we’ll be looking at ways to make her miss you.

How To Make A Virgo Woman Miss You

How To Make A Virgo Woman Miss You

Making a Virgo woman miss you is often hard due to their strong character and inability to show feelings easily. This is even worse if you’re in the early stages of the relationship.

It becomes harder when you’re trying after a breakup. The process can take a while, and sometimes, it might never happen, especially if you were the reason for the breakup.

But the good thing is that it’s possible to get them to miss you. You just have to do a few things and do them right. Here are five ways to make a Virgo woman miss you.

Remind Her Of The Good Times You Both Shared

This is perfect if you recently broke up with a Virgo woman and want to get her back. If you want to get her to take you back, if you want her to miss you, you’ll have to remind her of the good times you both shared. Make her believe that she needs you too.

You can subtly remind her about the fun trip you both took or a movie you both enjoy watching together. If you truly made her happy before, she’ll definitely miss those moments because Virgo women tend to love deeply, and they hardly forget such memories.

However, if your relationship ended because of something heavy like you cheating on her, she might never want to think of you again, and your efforts to make her will result in her further disliking you.

Also, try not to force it. Gently plant the seeds in her mind and allow them to germinate. If you’re lucky, they’ll grow on her, and she’ll start to miss you.

Lastly, don’t use manipulation techniques on her. For example, don’t say something like, “No man will ever treat you the way I did.” Virgo women are very intelligent; once they sense your bad intentions, they’ll purge you out of their minds forever.

Be Unavailable

This is loosely tied to the above step. Once you’ve subtly reminded her about the good times you both shared, give her space. Make yourself difficult to reach.

They say; absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this is applicable when trying to make a Virgo woman miss you.

Independence is one of the core traits of a Virgo woman. Once she notices that you’re going about your job, interests, and goals with full commitment, she’ll respect and miss you more.

So don’t always rush to pick up her calls or reply to texts. Even if you are less busy, she doesn’t have to know. Let her believe you can live and be happy without her, and she’ll start to miss the times you both spent together.

Show Off Your Intelligence

Virgo women are very smart and love people who are smart too. They have so many theories and ideas they want to share, so they’re always looking for intelligent people to converse with. If you can be that person in her life, she’ll definitely miss it when you’re gone.

One of the ways to show her your intelligence is through your conversations. Whether in person, on-call, or by text, always keep her on edge with your depth of knowledge. So read more books, get acquainted with many important topics, and discuss them with her.

Ask for her opinion on a controversial lawsuit or her take on an ongoing science debate. Virgo women are always ready to share their views, so they can spend hours discussing them. The more interesting and deep your conversations are, the more she looks forward to having them with you. That means she’ll miss it when you’re not with her.

However, don’t try to force it. In a bid to sound smart, don’t go over the top and make a fool of yourself. If she notices that you’re too pushy or don’t know much about the topics you discuss, she’ll not respect or miss you.

Editor’s Comments

Long and deep conversations are Virgo’s love languages. So, if she always wants to have them with you, you should be happy because you’re making progress.

Be The Source Of Her Happiness

Despite their independence, Virgo women love men who make them happy, loved, and relaxed. They want somebody they are comfortable being around, a person to share ideas with.

The level of happiness they feel when you’re around will determine how much they’ll miss you.

The Bottom Line 

Virgo is the perfect wife sign; they are strong, confident, and independent. They like to rely on their intelligence and strength.

To make a Virgo woman miss you, you’ll have to remind her how happy she was with you. Also, show her how intelligent and kind you are. Make her happy and try not to be too available. If you do all this right, you might have her wishing to be with you every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep a Virgo woman interested?

Take charge and be in control of her happiness. Make plans to show her you love her, try to have meaningful conversations with her, and she’ll never want to let you go.

How do you tell if a Virgo woman is falling in love with you?

Virgo women tend to get shy around people they love. They also want to be around them all the time and have long, deep conversations with them.