What Does 666 Mean in Manifesting

What Does 666 Mean In Manifesting

666 is a number that scares many of us because of its negative association with the “Mark of the Beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

Remember that religious symbolism and the symbolism of other spiritual traditions and beliefs might not always be the same. Even more, sometimes they can be the opposite of each other.

In Christianity and other spiritual belief systems, the number 666 is of concern, as it symbolizes Metatron’s Cube and humanity enslaved in the Matrix.

Does this number have the same negative connotation in manifesting, or is there a positive aspect to the number 666?

If you practice manifesting and the Law of Attraction and notice that the number 666 often appears in your life, it can be taken as a sign from the Universe. It could mean that your guardian angels and spirit guides communicate with you by sending signs that your manifesting is working, and your blessings are on the way.

Your intuition is and will always be the most accurate guide and compass when it comes to knowing what the Universe is telling you. Tap into your senses to know if it feels good or bad when you see the number 666 appear in your life.

To start and tap into the potential meaning of the number 666, use this manual to help you better understand the spiritual meaning and symbolism behind this number. 

What To Do When You See 666

What To Do When You See 666

Angels are non-embodied, genderless, divine beings that are protecting you and watching over you on your path. They never make decisions for you as they can’t impose on your free will.

But they might send subtle, loving messages to encourage you on your path and give you signs to confirm that you are indeed on a path that benefits you and your soul. It is believed that the more you begin paying attention, the more signs you will receive. 

If you are practicing the Law of Attraction and are starting to notice that the angel number 666 often appears in your life, for example, on car signs, on houses, on your phone, on posters, or banners, it might mean that your angels and spirit guides are sending you signs.

Tap into your intuition to recognize what this number means for you. 

Stop at the moment when you see the number 666 or another repeating sequence angel number and recognize the thoughts you were having right before seeing the number.

Were you thinking of something you want to be true or come true? Or were you ruminating on negative ideas and feeding your fears?

This can be a great tool to become more mindful of your thoughts and, therefore, consciously shape the reality you are creating. Angels might send you signs to remind you to observe your mind and check in with yourself. 

The Universe will align you with whatever you are feeding with your thoughts. Your reality will deliver proof for any beliefs you choose to hold.

If you constantly think of what you fear and worry about things you don’t want to become your reality, these thoughts are the signals you send into this Universe; therefore, you are likely to attract exactly that.

When the number 666 or another angel number appears, it might be a reminder that your manifestations are on their way – therefore, your thoughts are heard by the Universe. Immediately reassess if you are using them to create the reality you truly desire.

What Does the Number 666 Mean

As previously explained, ultimately, the meaning of the number will be individual to you and your situation. Only your intuition can tell you if it is positive or negative. It will depend on your translation of the sign.

To help you in this process, here are some potential meanings and explanations of the symbolism assigned to the number 666.

1. Learn to See the Bright Side

Learn To See The Bright Side

Number 6 is associated with healing, nurturing, positivity, and unconditional love. It either means what you are doing to heal is working, or you need to pay more attention to your healing, take time off from your busy life and focus on your needs, wants, and feelings.

This means you need to switch focus and start paying attention to the positive side of life. 

Any event and situation that takes place in your life have positive and negative aspects. Give yourself the assignment to explore any situation with curiosity and without judgment. Journal about your experiences and stretch your mind by asking yourself: 

  • What are the positive aspects of this situation? 
  • What is this situation teaching me? 
  • How is this situation teaching me to love more deeply?

You will be surprised at the answers and the things you will learn about yourself. This will help you redefine your life experiences and enter a new reality. 

2. Forgive


If you see angel number 666, it might be a sign from angels that you need to let go of some pain or resentment you have been holding inside yourself for too long.

Letting go of resentment is one of the most difficult, although one of the most influential and essential things you can do for your well-being. Unfortunately, we are not taught these things at school, yet it is a skill that will turn your entire life around.

It has been often said that holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

These words have been attributed to Buddha. Regardless of who said it, it is true. Anger and resentment slowly poison us and make us expect something from the external world. It removes our feeling of being in charge of our own lives. 

If you think this might apply to you and that this is what your angels have been trying to point out, look into forgiveness practices and guided meditations about this topic. Remember that it might also be about self-forgiveness, which is the most difficult thing to do. 

3. Nurture Yourself

Nurture Yourself

Living busy lives, trying to impress others, and feeling unworthy of happiness if we don’t fit into social standards, we often start neglecting ourselves and our self-care. Too often, we might focus on the well-being of others while neglecting our own.

Think of things you lack in your life and provide them for yourself. 

Have you been too focused on someone to give you the love and approval that you have stopped giving love and approval to yourself? What can you do to reverse this, and how can you provide these things for yourself?

Remember that the world mirrors our inner world and gives us what we give ourselves.

Have you been neglecting your physical body? Have you been too critical of your appearance? Maybe it’s time to treat your body with love and kindness? Maybe you need to start working out, create a delicious, nourishing meal plan and do blood work to discover which supplements you should be taking?

Have you been nurturing your senses recently? Maybe you need to take yourself to a spa, massage, do aromatherapy, or do a goddess flower bath?

How can you nurture your mind? Maybe by journaling, watching a great movie, or reading a book you’ve wanted to read?

You know what you would enjoy the most at the moment. Don’t put it off; allow yourself to engage in what your soul is craving.

4. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. You are always manifesting your life, whether you are aware of that or not. If you are not aware of it, you are doing it unconsciously.

This means you are very likely to attract not only things you desire but also negative experiences, such as your fears. Most of us are naturally inclined to focus on things we don’t desire, as, from the perspective of evolution, this means we are more likely to survive. 

If you start seeing angel number 666 appear, this might mean you need to learn to rewire your thought patterns and start consciously choosing your thoughts.

5. Raise Your Frequency

Raise Your Frequency

The higher your frequency, the stronger your ability to manifest your desired reality. If you have recently noticed the number 666 appear in your life, this might mean your spirit guides or angels are telling you to focus on raising your frequency.

You can do many things that can assist you in this process, such as meditation, positive focus, eliminating from your life the things that don’t serve your highest good, and healing your inner child. 

6. Give Yourself Unconditional Love

Give Yourself Unconditional Love

One of the most overlooked things in our society is the ability to accept and love ourselves unconditionally. We base our value on the opinions of others or external success and accomplishments, such as money, property, social status, or degree. However, happiness comes from self-acceptance.

We might think that we will accept ourselves once we reach external things, but it is not how it works. Your angels might remind you that it’s time to pay attention to how you talk to yourself and if your inner critic is not constantly beating you up.

You are a part and an expression of the Universe. If you don’t love yourself, you reject the Universe and its expression. If you have a problem with this, look into self-love practices. This will help your energy field expand greatly. 


Tap into your intuition to recognize what this number means for you. Setting religious prejudice aside, the number 666 is most likely to have a positive meaning when it comes to manifesting.

However, check in with your intuition to determine what this number means specifically for you in this situation. As our beliefs create and shape our reality, if you believe this number brings bad luck, in some cases, this can be true.

If, in turn, you choose to believe that great things are ahead, use this guide to translate what exactly your spirit guides and angels might be communicating to you.