Are Aquarians Cheaters? (Reasons & Signs They Cheat)

Are Aquarius Cheaters?

Aquarians belong to the air signs, which are notorious for their indecisiveness and the fear of commitment.

Although the personality trait of being independent also plays a part in their fear of commitment, these zodiac signs are also intelligent and innovative.

Among these traits, the perk that makes Aquarians most captivating is their self-reliance and the ability to walk their own path instead of letting others decide for them.

This characteristic results in people gathering around them. But Aquarians also have a playful nature, which can give others a wrong idea.

While various zodiac signs are associated with cheating, and the personality traits of Aquarians often make them seem as part of this circle, are Aquarians really cheaters?

The plain answer is no. Aquarians are monogamous, so your Aquarius will stay loyal if you are in a serious relationship. However, these zodiac signs can cheat too, and there could be several indications, e.g., being evasive, nitpicking at whatever you do, not emotionally invested, etc.

Here we will discuss several reasons why Aquarians cheat and how to know your Aquarius is cheating. That’s why stay tuned for in-depth knowledge on how to guess whether your Aquarius is cheating on you.

Reasons Why an Aquarius Cheats

Reasons Why An Aquarius Cheats

While the personality traits of your Aquarius may make them seem like someone who isn’t loyal, they fall into the category of the most monogamist zodiac signs.

However, there could be many reasons behind why an Aquarius cheats, which are as follows:

1. Curiosity Gets the Better of Them

People with Aquarius as their zodiac sign are inherently curious, and they can’t go without being adventurous.

That’s why the cheating may originate if your Aquarius considers it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While they are monogamists, their curiosity can lead them to explore different kinks that can lead to cheating.

2. Your Relationship Started on a Wrong Note

For Aquarians, being a friend is more significant than delving into a romantic relationship, and these zodiac signs make the best friends among the other zodiacs.

So, if your relationship went straight to a romantic one without any friendship formation or sort, chances are your Aquarius will be more prone to cheating on you. It is because, from an Aquarian’s point of view, your relationship started on the wrong foot.

3. Friendship Is the Extent of the Relationship

However, being friends is no good if that isn’t the extent of the relationship. Here, you play a crucial role in reminding your Aquarius that your relationship is more than being friends.

If not, your Aquarius will cheat because he will not think of you as a boyfriend or girlfriend and think that’s all they need in a relationship with you.

Editor’s Note

Another reason may be revenge. Your Aquarius wants to hurt you; that’s why they cheat on you to get back at you.

4. Commitment Issues

Aquarians find it very hard to commit to a relationship, but the chances of them cheating increase if you try to control them. While people with this zodiac may listen to you, it will make them feel you are restricting their independence by imposing your values on them.

Aquarians also fall into the category of most flirty zodiac signs, and not being able to express themselves in a relationship makes it hard for them to commit, often leading to cheating (physically or emotionally).

People with this zodiac sign will let their friends be their emotional support if they don’t get it from their partner, leading to your Aquarius feeling more emotionally attached to their friend and, as a result, cheating on you.

5. You Are Restricting Their Freedom

Aquarius is among the most independent zodiac signs. Hence, it is no wonder they don’t like being tied down by anything, especially a relationship. People with this zodiac sign want some space to pursue the activities they enjoy.

Cheating is a way for your Aquarius to push you away if they notice you are too dependent on them or clingy. Or it can also be that your Aquarius isn’t ready for a relationship yet.

How To Know Your Aquarius Is Cheating

How To Know Your Aquarius Is Cheating

The nature of Aquarians increases the susceptibility of these zodiac signs to cheat, and if you feel like your Aquarius is cheating, then check out for these indications:

1. They Will Be Evasive

While being secretive is something you won’t expect from an Aquarius because of their blunt nature.

However, the starting signs are your Aquarius trying to leave you alone for long and not being clear of their whereabouts. Also, they may try to hide their cell phones or be conscious of you while using the computer or mobile.

2. They Will Nitpick at You

Finding faults in whatever you do is another way of your Aquarius trying to push you away, and they will cheat to hurt you and kick you out of the relationship.

You can tell from your Aquarius lashing at you even at the tiniest of mistakes as being a sign of them being unfaithful. It indicates that they have found someone who can provide them with what they lacked in the relationship and want to cut off this relationship.

Your best bet here is to chat with your Aquarius and if you see no progress or solution, move on from it.

3. They Will Be Emotionally Distant

Aquarians have a contradictory relationship to change. They can change and adapt if it suits them; otherwise, they feel overwhelmed by it.

So, if you notice a sudden change in the habits of your Aquarius, chances are they have found someone else. The most obvious sign is your Aquarius closing off emotionally and not being invested in the things you two do together.


Before closing off, Aquarians are monogamists, so the chances of them cheating are pretty low, but on the other hand, these zodiacs can also cheat, and the reasons could be several.

Also, to find out whether your Aquarius is unfaithful, check these signs, i.e., they will avoid you, try to hide things from you, feel distant or not immersed in the relationship, and nitpick at everything you do.