Are Cancer Men Controlling? Unraveling the Truth

Are Cancer Men Controlling? Unraveling The Truth

Cancerians are known for their possessive and clingy nature, especially when these people are involved in a relationship. Their personality traits include caring, protective, and loyal, imparting this needy character to people of this zodiac sign.

On the other hand, Cancerians are also known as the nurturer of the zodiac circle because of their exceptional emotional intellect and ability to protect their loved ones. However, people with this zodiac sign don’t understand that they take these abilities to the extreme.

It brings about their controlling side, which they think of as protecting and caring. Hence the question, are Cancer men controlling?

Cancer men are controlling, whether it comes to love, friendship, or family bonds. They try to control others by asserting dominance, manipulating them emotionally, and as a way to protect them. However, they also become manipulative to hide their jealousy and vulnerability and to feel secure.

Here, we will get an insight into why Cancer men become controlling and which methods they use to show their controlling side in a relationship. So, stay tuned for an in-depth view!

1. They Assert Control through Leadership

They Assert Control Through Leadership

The first and foremost sign of the controlling nature of people with this zodiac sign becomes apparent when you look at their modality. Cancerians are cardinal signs and are go-getters. It also attributes leadership to these signs, and being dynamic in their lifestyle doesn’t faze them.

These traits give Cancer men a dominant side, which in turn, makes them controlling. They like to assert their control by being a leader in the relationship and showcasing their skills.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that this control will be toxic or they will disregard your opinion. As one of the most emotional zodiac signs, they connect with you emotionally and understand you before asserting this control.

Also, as a cardinal sign, they have creative ideas, solid decision-making, and leading capabilities. That’s why, while they may try to control you, it will be only in your best interest, i.e., in their opinion, as they consider your feelings and interests because of their emotional side.

2. They Manipulate You Emotionally

They Manipulate You Emotionally

Cancer men are water signs, and people with this element are famous for their hypersensitive emotional intellect. These signs can read minor changes in the mood without you even saying a thing, and among them, Cancerians take the crown as the most emotionally sensitive zodiac sign.

That’s why; manipulating people through their emotions is a walk in the park for Cancer men. Playing the victim or hero card is one of the inherent characteristics of people with this zodiac sign; hence, controlling you through emotional manipulation is one way they end up doing it.

An example of this will be to get your sympathy by comparing oneself to someone you know who suffered from a health condition or making you feel guilty by emotional blackmailing, etc.

3. They Become Controlling to Hide Their Jealousy

They Become Controlling To Hide Their Jealousy

Cancers rank pretty high up on the ladder of the most clingy zodiac signs, and their possessive nature and neediness are highlighted by their jealousy.

The jealous side of your Cancer man can become too overbearing if they don’t keep track of it, and while they may not directly show it, their controlling behaviors come into play, which highlights this fact.

It means knowing who you are conversing with, trying to get you away from a place if he sees you talking with another guy, or keeping track of you.

The start will not be as dire as it may sound. It will be your Cancer man making excuses to keep you away from a guy or being overly clingy to have your attention all the time.

These subtle signs will be the starting point of his controlling habits, and your Cancer man will want you to pay him and him only your undivided attention. It doesn’t mean he wants to restrict your freedom, but people with this zodiac sign can give in to their emotions and get too overbearing to notice it.

4. They Become Controlling to Deal With Their Insecurity

They Become Controlling To Deal With Their Insecurity

The controlling nature of Cancer men also comes to light when you break down their personalities and understand how they hate feeling emotionally vulnerable. Despite their intellect to read emotions, people with this zodiac sign don’t want others to know their ins and outs.

Cancer men try to keep others in the dark to feel secure and keep them in the loop. It is a way for your Cancerian to keep the relationship interesting and control your responses to suit his needs.

They need continuous affirmation from you, as people with this zodiac sign are clingy in a relationship. That’s why; they try to mold you by controlling you.

Editor’s Note

The controlling nature when it comes to the insecurity of your Cancer man is a double-edged sword, as it makes people often mistake their distance as having no interest.

5. They Assert Control Due to Their Possessiveness

They Assert Control Due To Their Possessiveness

Being possessive is one of the most dominant traits in a Cancer man, which plays a huge role in attributing this controlling nature to people with this zodiac sign.

It doesn’t mean it is intentional from their side, as most Cancer men don’t know that their hold on you has started restricting your freedom and that the relationship isn’t going in the right direction.

This characteristic doesn’t end there, as their personality traits give these zodiac signs a nurturing nature, and to protect others, they try to control them.

Your Cancer man doesn’t mean anything bad by it, but it can get tiring, and it is best to be open about your feelings to your Cancer man.


Before closing, like many other zodiac signs, Cancer men also carry a controlling side. They usually don’t mean any harm by trying to control you, as it is a way for them to seem more mysterious in front of you.

However, there are ways that these Cancerians exploit your feelings that make this controlling toxic. Also, they can develop a controlling nature because of their insecurity, ease of getting jealous, and possessiveness. It may be to protect you, to inflate their egos, or as a way to test your feelings.