How To Make an Aquarius Man Miss You

How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

Aquarius men are known for their charismatic personalities, and most have creative natures. These air signs do not like to be contained by rules.

That is why; the word “rule-breaker” is the best fit for their personalities, but not in a negative way.

Due to the innovative nature of Aquarius men, they think outside the box to get one up on these rules. So, getting enamored by such a man is easy, but wanting to get him to miss you is another matter.

Because of the characteristics the air element gives these signs; they can be icy, stubborn, unpredictable, fearful of commitment, and prone to lashing out with emotions.

So, how to make an Aquarius man miss you?

You can make your Aquarius man miss you by being yourself and giving yourself priority over him. Sounds strange! But that’s what attracts the attention of an Aquarius man. Also, be less available, utilize nostalgia, give each other some space, and avoid clinging to him.

You can find in-depth and detailed knowledge on how to make your Aquarius man miss you, continue reading if you want to know more.

1. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

The first thing that attracts the attention of an Aquarius man is to see you shining on your own, which pulls him towards you.

The first step to making your Aquarius man miss you is to be the best version of yourself. You have to give yourself priority over everything else and show off that independent side of yourself.

The hint of mystery it will create will keep your Aquarius man hooked, and he will miss you whenever you are not around.

You need to focus on yourself, and instead of giving your all to your Aquarius man, which will most likely make him feel bored, you should strive towards your own goals.

These goals do not have to be grand; e.g., taking care of your health, exercising, and joining workshops on health and hygiene, can be the start. If not, you can entertain yourself with your hobbies, catch up with your friends, and by doing the things you love.

Seeing you shine brighter will want your Aquarius man to know what you are up to lately and what is bringing such joy in your life. All these things will haunt his mind, and he will start to think of you all the time.

2. Be Unavailable

Being around constantly decreases your value; as the saying goes, “A Prophet has no honor in his own country.” Being less available is the prerequisite to making your Aquarius man miss you.

Show your Aquarius man that you have your own life too, and things that need your focus first. If he can make you wait, he should be prepared for the same.

The mystery it will create will spark the curiosity of your Aquarius man, and he would want to know what kept you busy. Consequently making him miss you.

3. Nostalgia Works Like a Charm

Nostalgia Works Like A Charm

After you have followed the above two steps, you should make your Aquarius man reminisce about you.

So, how to do that?

First, start by using your signature perfume if you use one that makes you distinct from the crowd to him.

It will ensure that whenever he comes across a similar scent, he will instantly remember and miss you.

Second is sharing things of similar interest; it can be a song, a photo, or a memory you both have together but is exclusive to you two.

Doing these things will awaken a sense of nostalgia, making him recall the moments you spent together and want to get in touch with you.

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4. Be Flirty But Set Boundaries

You can flirt with your Aquarius man, but remember to keep things on the lighter end. Aquarius men can flirt well and hold a conversation, especially if it caters to their intellect.

Editor’s Note

Holding a conversation with deeper meanings can tingle the eccentric and intellectual side of an Aquarius, and he will want to talk with you whenever he thinks of a similar topic.

But it does not mean flirting is always good. If you notice that your Aquarius man is playing around with your feelings and does not take you seriously, you should set clear boundaries that you are not in it for a minute’s satisfaction.

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5. Let Things Flow Naturally

No matter the zodiac sign or gender, a clingy approach is always one thing that you should avoid.

An Aquarius man is afraid of commitments, and if you force such ideals on him, he will try to run instead of miss you. Keeping things friendly is the best option instead of pushing forward with a relationship commitment.

Maintain a friendly atmosphere, talk with each other as frequently as possible, and give space whenever you or he is not ready.

This way, it will create a sense of dependence instead of him feeling that you want to depend on him, and he will miss you and find you whenever he wants a shoulder to lean on.

6. Avoid Being Desperate

Avoid Being Desperate

The last thing you can do is be desperate. It will do you more harm than good if you show your Aquarius that you are going out of your way to make him miss you and crave his attention.

It will let him have the upper hand, and your Aquarius man will be overwhelmed by your constant need to be near him.

So, show him that while you cherish him, you are not desperate to be with him.

Avoid texting him right away. Be the one getting chased, not the one doing the chase. If you continue to pick up his curiosity, you will have the upper hand in the relationship and won’t take much effort to make him miss you.

Also, You can try dating other men if you notice your Aquarius man not being serious with you. Show him that he is not the last person you will ever meet, and you can have just as much fun without him that you had with him.

It will show him what he had and is missing out on.


To sum it all up, to make an Aquarius man miss you, you should remember the very first reason he was enamored by you, which was being yourself.

You do not have to go out of your way to make him miss you.

Just be yourself, give each other space, avoid clinging to him, flirt but show him you do not want a one-time thing, use old memories to tingle his sense of nostalgia, and finally, never be desperate for his attention.