How To Manifest Getting Into College (in 10 Steps)

How To Manifest Getting Into College

Manifesting is becoming increasingly popular, and it is a great tool that can help you clarify your mindset, upgrade your reality and help you accomplish your dreams.

The Law of Attraction states that you can achieve whatever you want if you can align your inner state, beliefs, and vibrational frequency with your goals and intentions.

You might be wondering if the Law of Attraction can help you with serious, life-changing matters, such as getting into college. The answer is yes!

To make it work, you need to visualize your future and clarify your intentions. You need to release your limiting beliefs and align your frequency with the college by visiting it and creating a vision board. Most importantly, you must take inspired action, be unrestricted by self-doubt, study for good grades, and place full trust in the Universe!

Manifesting getting into college is a beautiful experience – learn how to do it the right way by reading on!

10 Tips To Manifest A College Acceptance

10 Tips To Manifest Getting Into College

As always, when manifesting, don’t forget that gratitude is the key.

When you align yourself with the frequency of gratitude, even before you receive what you are manifesting, you are raising your vibration and aligning yourself with the positive outcome.

1. Meditate

If getting into college is important to you, you might be stressed and worried if you will be accepted and over-thinking a lot. You might doubt yourself and worry if you have all the skills necessary or are your peers more qualified than you.

These types of thoughts create energetic chaos and disbalance, lower your frequency, and weaken your manifestation abilities.

The first step you need to take to manifest getting into college is to meditate to clear your mind and align yourself with your manifestation. You need to calm your overactive mind and emotions and ground yourself.

Meditation is the best tool for this as it allows you to enter an energetically neutral and relaxed state. From this state, it will be much easier to manifest your desired reality.

2. Clarify Your Intentions

You need to be clear on your reasons why you want to get into college. Is it related to your chosen life path and passion, or are you trying to please your parents? Whatever it is, you need to be conscious of it.

This will help you by strengthening your intention and motivation. If you are unsure of your reasons, try journaling. Putting your thoughts on paper will help you clarify your intentions.

3. Visualize Your Future

Visualize the future you desire and how getting into the college of your choice will help you align yourself with this life. Think of all details you can imagine and feel them.

For example, if you desire to be an artist and will learn arts in your college, visualize yourself painting and enjoying a successful art career. Imagine how you will feel in this situation.

The more detailed you can be, the stronger your intention will become.

4. Visit the College

If possible, it is a great idea to visit the college. When you are there, imagine yourself being a student there and feel your body relaxing as you do it.

Slowly and confidently walk through the halls of the college and try to experience the energy of the environment deeply.

5. Release Limiting Beliefs

To manifest getting into the college, you need to release any limiting beliefs surrounding your talents, self-worth, and ability to get into your chosen college.

All of us have limiting beliefs that we take on throughout our lives, but they do not depict an accurate picture of reality. Your beliefs are just an accumulation of your past experiences and a prism through which you look at the present moment and the future.

Journal and use journaling prompts to discover what limiting beliefs are holding you back.

If you feel you are struggling with this, you can find many helpful youtube videos on this topic, as well as guided meditations for releasing limiting beliefs.

6. Sign Your Name

A great manifestation technique is writing your name on a piece of paper or in your manifestation journal and signing underneath it “student of (the college of your choice).”

Keep repeating this.

It is an especially effective practice to do in the evening before you fall asleep, right after meditation, or in the morning as soon as you wake up.

Your subconscious mind is the most susceptible to programming during these times. It will pick up the clues and help you manifest getting into college.

7. Align Your Frequency

To get into the college of your choice, you need to energetically attune yourself to the college.

You can do it through visualization and meditation, and you can also align your behavioral patterns and surroundings. You can buy a T-shirt or other souvenirs with the symbolism of your chosen college and wear them to school or while you sleep.

You can find out the daily schedule of the students of the college and try to recreate it in your own life.

For example, if you wish to join the rowing team while in college, keep in mind that they might be getting up early every morning to exercise.

Try to replicate this schedule in your daily life, and your energy will align with the energy of your desired college!

8. Take Inspired Action

Know that you are the hero of your journey, and it is up to you to get into college. Ultimately it is your journey, regardless of what your parents or friends think.

Trust you can do it and follow your heart.

Study diligently and take all necessary actions that will help you get closer to achieving your dream. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you know to be right for you, and don’t let any doubt near you.

Act with full confidence and prepare yourself accordingly!

9. Create a Vision Board

Create a vision board that depicts the symbols of your chosen college and all other images that are related to your future studies there.

Place the vision board in a visible place in your room, as a background on your phone, or somewhere where only you will see it.

Express gratitude every time you look at it, imagining that you have already been accepted and are already the student of the college of your dreams!

10. Pursue Your Dreams Right Now

Don’t postpone going for your dreams until you get accepted into college.

Think of things that you are passionate about and pursue them right away. Think of things you can study and pursue immediately without waiting for permission or assignment from the teachers of your chosen college.

This will help you build a nice and diverse portfolio even before you go to college, and it can be a great bonus for you in the eyes of the admission team!


If you can dream it – you can do it! Follow the above steps and place full trust in the hands of the Universe.

Don’t pay attention to haters and nay-sayers, study hard, don’t give up, and know that your future is only in your own hands.

Know that you are talented and worthy of studying in the college of your choice. You are a beloved child of the Universe and will always be loved and taken care of as such!