How To Use Moldavite For Manifestation

How To Use Moldavite To Manifest

Moldavite is a greenish-brown or black glassy meteorite found in a small area in the Czech Republic. It is thought to have been created about 15 million years ago due to a meteorite impact.

Due to its outer space origins, it can help you connect with the universe and tap into the power of the stars. It is an immensely powerful tool to add to your manifesting toolkit.

However, be careful! Before you start working with moldavite, know it has the power to turn your life around in unexpected ways.

It can bring about swift transformation in your life and unexpectedly remove from your life everything that hasn’t been serving your highest good; it includes your relationships, plans, and projects. If you are ready for this – you’ve come to the right place!

To manifest with moldavite, you need to set a clear intention, trust without doubt, and be ready for the potential storm of unexpected events that moldavite brings. Create a sacred space for working with it, be patient, and drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body.

Moldavite is a powerful stone that can help manifest your desires. Let’s see how you can use it most powerfully.

10 Tips To Manifesting With Moldavite

10 Tips To Manifesting With Moldavite

You can carry moldavite with you, wear it as jewelry, or place it in your environment. You can meditate with moldavite, hold it in your hands, or place it on your body.

Follow these tips and know that moldavite has the power to transform your life!

1. Set Clear Intention

Moldavite is a powerful stone that can bring transformation and help you tap into higher intelligence. It can bring massive transformation into your life and turn things upside down. You can even think of it as a stone of alchemy.

Know what you would like to manifest before you begin.

Journal to discover your deeper desires and intentions. Focus on what you want to manifest, and let go of any attachment to the outcome.

When you manifest with moldavite, things will likely take a different route than the one you had in mind.

2. Trust Fully

The extra-terrestrial origins of moldavite make it a magical and powerful stone that can help you connect with the universe.

Trust that it will help you to connect with your higher self and the energy of your desires. When you doubt your ability to manifest, you compromise your manifesting powers.

You are always connected to the universe, and you are always supported by it. Proceed confidently with your manifestation and know that your dreams are meant to come true in the most beneficial way.

3. Be Ready For the Storm

Moldavite brings changes swiftly and purges the old from your life. It can be confusing and destabilizing.

If you are focused throughout this time and accept the life lessons presented, you will succeed in achieving your dreams and goals. Before starting working with moldavite, keep this in mind and prepare for whatever happens.

4. Work with a Small Piece First

If you are new to working with moldavite, start with a small piece. It can help you adjust your energy to moldavite, get used to it, and not get thrown off by the unexpected swirls of energy.

Place it under your pillow at night or carry it in your pocket during the day. See how you feel after a few days before moving on to larger pieces or longer exposure periods.

5. Consider a Moldavite Meditation

One of the best ways to work with moldavite is through meditation.

When meditating, you can hold a piece in your hand, place it on your heart or other parts of your body, and be open to whatever thoughts, feelings, and emotions come up for you.

It will help you recognize what emotions are active in you and what shadow aspects of your personality you should address.

6. Create a Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is important when working with moldavite (or any stone). It sets the tone for your manifestation work, protects your energy, and helps you focus on your intention.

You can do it by setting up an altar with candles, crystals, and anything else that feels special to you. Also, you can use figurines or paintings of deities that support smooth paths, such as Ganesh.

Before beginning your work, you can also smudge your space with sage or palo santo.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Moldavite can be a very intense stone, and it’s important to stay hydrated when working with it. Drink plenty of water before and after your meditation or visualization, and make sure to take breaks if you feel overwhelmed.

Water helps cleanse your body from toxins, old thoughts, and negative information you release during your manifestation process. It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day through intense spiritual processes is important.

8. Let Go of the Attachment

One of the most important things to remember when working with moldavite is to let go of attachment.

Focus on what you want to manifest, and trust that moldavite will help you to connect with your higher self and the energy of your desires. If you focus on the outcome, you won’t be present to notice the important life lessons moldavite will be showing you.

These life lessons are key for successful transformation and achieving the life of your dreams.

9. Be Patient

Moldavite can bring about swift changes, but it’s important to be patient and allow the process to unfold.

If you rush things, you won’t be able to arrive at the desired results. Give yourself time to go through the necessary changes and transition.

Don’t worry if things don’t go your way or don’t manifest right away – everything will happen at the perfect time!

10. Have Fun!

Working with moldavite can be a fun and exciting experience. Even if you experience some turmoil, eventually, it will be worth it.

The joys it will bring will likely be equally magnificent as the troubles it has caused you. Allow yourself to be open to whatever comes up for you, and enjoy the journey.


When working with moldavite, it is important to set your intention. Focus on what you want to manifest, and let go of any attachment to the outcome.

Trust that moldavite will help you to connect with your higher self and the energy of your desires. Allow yourself to be open to whatever comes up for you during your meditation or visualization.

And most of all – know that unexpected things can happen in your life. Trust that every ending allows a new beginning in your life!

And if you want to learn more about this magical stone, you can do so in the Czech Republic! The Moldavite Museum in the Czech Republic is dedicated to preserving and displaying this rare and unusual meteorite.