Which Zodiac Sign Has the Hardest Life? (Ranked)

Which Zodiac Sign Has The Hardest Life?

Life may seem seasonal, but when it gets tough, it feels like time is not passing away and may last forever. So, how you deal with that stuff impacts how you will be able to spend your life moving on.

However, no matter how hard you try, at times, if things do not seem to work, then your zodiac sign may be at fault here too. It does not mean having a particular zodiac sign is not good. It is just the attributes associated with these signs that make their life harder.

So, which zodiac sign has the hardest life, you ask?

It would be wrong to say that a particular zodiac sign has a tough life without considering the circumstances of the person involved. But if you were to single them out on only a zodiac basis, Cancer and Virgo tie for the top spot. Following them are Libra and Capricorn, with Sagittarius.

Here, we will guide you through these zodiac signs who have the hardest life, why their life is so tough, and the solution.



You may be wondering why cancer has to tie for the top spot with Virgo here. These super-emotional and sensitive signs love their partners a lot and to such a degree that you will find it scary.

So, how does it make their life harder? Simple, these zodiacs let their emotions do their bidding, and you know what happens when emotions take control. And that is not all; they are known for their stubborn nature (hard shells) and become complacent when things go their way.

The combination of all these properties results in Cancerians missing their life opportunities, but they do not correct their mistakes. You will often see them complain but not make an effort to rectify it.

So, instead of fantasizing and losing opportunities, Cancerians can live a happy life if they pursue a career and prioritize their well-being instead of feelings.



Onto our next zodiac sign that ties our Cancerians for their arduous lives in rank, i.e.,  Virgos. You may have heard of the word “perfectionists,” and nothing describes this zodiac sign better than that.

Virgos are hard-working to a fault, and you may think that is a good trait, which is true, but if you do not find delight in your hard work, it does not matter how hard you work.

They love to plan things out in order, meaning keeping things organized is their utmost priority. While it may be okay for some occasions, it may not be for others, which is the reason behind the troubles in their life.

It results in Virgos setting their life standard bar too high, which,  in most cases, is out of their reach. So, the feeling of not getting rewards for their efforts leads to self-destruction.

To avoid such happenings, they should interchange some of their habits with Cancerians, i.e., to live life at a leisure pace. Also, taking regular breaks from work, keeping in mind that not everything can go as expected, and appreciating their hard work can lead to a happier life.



You may consider it odd to see Libras here, especially after top picks. But there is nothing strange about that because Libras are over-thinkers.

Yeah, you heard it right. Libras make life harder on themselves because of this single trait, but that is not the only reason they come right after Cancer and Virgos. Procrastination is another thing Libras are prone to.

So, making abrupt choices is hard for them, and if they encounter any failure, they fear the same happening again, which holds them back from achieving success in life. Another thing that makes them suitable for this rank is their trusting nature.

They easily trust people, leading to some serious decisions in their life choices, which impacts their life moving onward.

To counter this, Libras already have the trait of learning from their past failures and avoiding them. However, they need to have more confidence in their decisions and stand by what they decide to do, and they are all set.



Capricorns encounter complicated situations in life because of their similarities to Virgos in being hard workers. But unlike Virgos, Capricorns judge things from a narrower view and often consider tasks to be accomplished only by themselves.

The process towards the goal is not crucial, and only the reward motivates them. So, if the results are not as desired, their pessimistic views cover the positive sides, creating more hurdles for them.

So, to make their life better, taking a step back is the way to go, and they should remember to slack off once in a while to carry things productively.



The two main reasons behind the hard life of a Sagittarius are; never moving on from the past and seeking adventure.

Sagittarius loves traveling and hates to stick in the same place for long. Regularly making small outings brings life and spark to their routines. It results in neglect of other life factors. However, the biggest reason is staying hung up on the past.

Instead of moving on, they love to think of the past and how they could have made it better, and in the end, they end up pinning the blame on someone else.

So, to make their life easier, they need to bring out the courage to accept their mistakes, put equal efforts into adventuring and other life activities, and move on from the past.


While Virgo, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Sagittarius are the signs that are more likely to go through a hard life, it does not mean they can not be successful. Also, zodiacs with the highest chance of success can suffer from a tough life.

As it was mentioned at the start, while zodiacs may influence your life, it is not set in stone, and your success/failure is based on what traits you have that impact your life more.

So, by avoiding those and reflecting on yourself, you can lead a more fulfilling life.