How To Manifest Physical Changes in 10 Steps

How To Manifest Physical Changes

The Universe is made out of energy. Energy moves in patterns known as frequencies and vibrations.

The Law of Attraction states that on all levels of existence, like attracts like. To align with your desired outcome and attract the experiences you dream of, you need to align your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors with your desired reality.

Think about manifesting physical changes in terms of energy, not in terms of physical matter. Your mind and energy create the reality you experience.

Therefore by changing patterns in your inner world, your physical appearance will change as well.

To manifest physical changes, you need to get in touch with your true self through meditation, appreciate yourself and all the good things about yourself in this very moment, process your emotional traumas, align with your desired reality, practice lucid dreaming, and treat yourself with kindness and love.

All of our beliefs, subconscious patterns, emotions, and traumas are stored in our physical body and affect the flow of our energy.

When you begin to transform internally, and you process your psychological traumas, your subtle body begins to shift and transform, and energy begins to flow much more freely through your body.

The flowing energy will be reflected in your appearance and launch a powerful transformation process in your physical body.

Follow these steps closely, and you will be impressed at the speed your body and appearance will begin to change.

10 Steps to Manifest Physical Changes

10 Steps To Manifest Physical Changes

Manifesting physical changes is fully possible.

Have you noticed that often as identical twins age, they start looking different from each other?

Or that some elderly people maintain such youthful and upbeat looks that they look even better than when they were young?

All of this proves that your physical body reflects your inner state and that manifestation can be extremely powerful when it comes to changing your physical changes.

1. Meditate

The first step on your journey to manifest physical changes is meditation. Meditation allows you to exit thought patterns and loops you are used to in your daily life. This enables you to reprogram your subconscious mind and raise your frequency.

Meditation alters the way you see and experience the world and yourself. It softens your attachment to your daily experiences and, as a result, helps you become the creator of your reality instead of just following along with whatever happens to you.

2. Process Your Emotional Traumas

A physical trauma, disease, or disfiguration shows a lack of energetic balance. When the inner balance is restored, various diseases can start to disappear miraculously.

However, it is not a miracle – it is simply an understanding of the law of Cause and Effect that exists in our Universe.

All the traumas, painful emotions, and experiences that we experience, we store in our energetic body until we take the brave step to process them and release the old and stuck energy.

This launches a powerful transformation process that is directly reflected in our physical appearance.

3. Appreciate Yourself

What you focus on grows. If you focus on what you lack and your perceived flaws, you are giving them extra energy. If you set your focus on what you like and appreciate about yourself, these will be the things that grow and expand.

To reprogram your mind and your daily thought patterns, create a self-appreciation journal and write in it daily.

Write about all things that you like and appreciate about yourself. Write daily about your good choices, regardless of how small they were, and about your talents.

This will re-wire the way you look at yourself and release a lot of stuck energy to manifest your desired physical changes.

4. Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily. Think of things you appreciate and are grateful for in your life. This shows the Universe that you notice all the gifts you have been given.

If you only complain about what you lack and don’t show and express appreciation for things you already have, you are not opening the door for new blessings to come your way.

Do the opposite!

Journal and think daily about all things you are blessed with, and you will be impressed at all the beautiful things that will start manifesting in your life.

5. Align With Your Perfect Reality

We often think: “Once I lose weight, I’ll buy a new dress,” and similar thoughts.

When we put our self-love and self-care and enjoying life on hold and wait for the perfect time to arrive, we are also putting our manifestations on hold, creating a never-ending loop.

Think of all the ways you can align with your perfect reality in this very moment.

What would you do if you had already manifested your perfect appearance? Which of those things can you do right away?

Apply this to your life and express gratitude in the process.

6. Visualize

Visualizing is a powerful tool for consciously creating your reality. Visualize already having the physical appearance you desire.

  • How would you feel?
  • What can you do now, at this moment, to bring these feelings into your life?
  • Are you thinking that once you manifest physical changes, you will feel more confident, happy, and free?

Think of things you can do immediately that will make you feel this way, even if they are unrelated to your physical appearance.

7. Treat Yourself With Kindness And Respect

Very often, when there is something we don’t like about our physical appearance, it is because, deep down, we feel there is something wrong with us.

If we are often criticized as children, or if we feel we were not fully accepted and embraced as we are, we might start neglecting and shaming ourselves. This is likely to transfer into how we treat ourselves daily.

We start punishing ourselves, beating ourselves up, and not treating ourselves with the respect and love we deserve.

Write a list of things about how you could take better care of yourself. Explore all areas of your life and create an action plan. Ask yourself –

  • How can I take better care of my body?
  • How can I treat my body with love?
  • How can I give my body more joy and pleasure?

And take action on what you discover.

8. Practice Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool when it comes to manifesting physical changes. If you are new to lucid dreaming, look up practices that can get you started.

There are many free tutorials you can find online.

When you are experienced with lucid dreaming and become aware that you are in your dream, find a mirror and take a look at yourself in it. Visualize your desired physical changes taking place in the mirror.

Allow this image to be strongly impressed on your mind. Keep repeating this as often as possible.

There are accounts of people who have manifested a change in their eye color, cured their ailments, and manifested other physical improvements with this practice.

You might not be able to cause physical changes in your bone structure, such as changing the shape of your nose. However, this practice might still manifest by bringing you opportunities for plastic surgery if it is important to you.

9. Take Inspired Action

On paper or in your imagination – create a vision board of how you want to look. Write down a list of steps you need to take to move closer to your ideal.

Do you want to become more flexible? Then you might consider taking on yoga as your daily practice.

Do you want to have a better vision? Schedule an appointment with a professional eye doctor in your area.

Write a clear plan and follow it.

10. Keep Your Promises to Yourself

When you keep promises to yourself, you show the Universe that you respect yourself and that you are serious about changing your physical appearance.

Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t beat yourself up if you fall back into your old patterns. It is normal and can be expected. But make sure to get back on track as soon as possible and stay on it for as long as possible.

The more effort you put into your promises to yourself and in being committed to your spiritual practice and manifesting physical changes, the more powerfully the Universe will respond to it.


Your body and appearance are a direct reflection of your mental, emotional, psychological, and energetic state. When you are addressing and nourishing all the levels of your being, your physical appearance changes as well.

Don’t expect changes to happen overnight, and know that it is a marathon, not a race.

The more effort you put into your spiritual practice, the more noticeable will be your physical changes. As the hermetic principle states, “As above, so below, as within, so without.”