How To Manifest Self-Love (Most Powerful Techniques)

How To Manifest Self-Love

You are a part of the Universe and an expression of the energy of the Universe.

Too often, we are raised in a way that makes us start doubting ourselves and make us believe that we are unworthy of happiness, that we are less valuable than others, and that others’ opinions are more worthy than our own.

Often we can pick up and start perpetuating self-hating thoughts, beliefs, and actions. This can be detrimental to our well-being and happiness.

When we are hating ourselves or not loving and accepting ourselves fully, it means we are standing in the way of the Universal expression and not accepting the Universe since we are the expression of it.

How can you turn these patterns around? What can you do, and how can you tap into the frequency of self-love?

To embody and manifest self-love, you will need to practice self-acceptance, visualize joy and love, create a self-appreciation journal, connect with and heal your inner child and engage in self-care. All of these steps will put you in resonance with unconditional love and help you manifest self-love.

Self-love is the basis for how you think, believe, and act in the world. If you felt often rejected as a child or you felt your feelings were not validated, your mind might have developed a loud inner critic who beats themselves up in the form of the inner voice.

This very toxic pattern can stop you from living your life to the fullest, enjoying the beauty of the world, and going for what you want.

To turn this around, follow the tools in this article. These are some of the most powerful and effective techniques for manifesting self-love.

8 Tips To Manifest Self Love

8 Tips To Manifest Self Love

Self-love and self-acceptance are at the root of a happy, fulfilled life. It is impossible to live a happy life and not love oneself as the two are contradictory.

To embrace everything life gives you, you have to be energetically open, relaxed, and fully trust yourself. It is hard if you had a childhood where you were often criticized. Luckily, there is a way to shift this pattern!

Always remember that if you feel that your parents or whoever else raised you didn’t give you enough love and acceptance, they did that because they didn’t know how.

Most likely, they have also felt this way in their childhood and have little experience of self-acceptance and love.

Therefore, don’t blame anyone, including your parents or circumstances. Instead, start the beautiful and exciting journey to turn your life around and manifest self-love!

1. Practice Acceptance

Our success-driven society teaches us to be constantly on the lookout for new accomplishments and ways that we can improve ourselves.

Often this can make us feel drained, miserable, and unhappy as we start to think of ourselves as not enough and start believing that we will be worthy of love only once we achieve something or do something perfectly.

The Law of Attraction works the other way around – the feeling needs to come first, and the experience will follow!

Learn to accept yourself in the present moment, just as you are, without trying to accomplish something or focusing on what you believe to be your flaws!

Focus on remembering that you are a divine expression and everything that the Universe has created is always perfect!

2. Visualize Joy and Love

Visualize Joy And Love

To manifest self-love, you have to align yourself with the vibrations of love, peace, joy, and acceptance. To do this, journal about people, animals, and things that make you feel unconditional love.

As a society, we have been derailed regarding the meaning of the word love. The type of love we are used to seeing in Disney movies is more about attraction, addiction, and desire for approval and validation than it is about the unconditional, all-encompassing energy that love truly is.

Pay attention to people in your life whom you love and care about regardless of how they look or what they do for you.

Who makes you feel joy just when you think of them? Journal about these feelings and think of everything that makes you feel this way.

The more time you spend with these thoughts, the more you will align yourself with the energy of love and, eventually, be able to manifest self-love!

3. The Power of Now

It is easy to run away in your mind, thinking about the past or the future. Love puts you in the state of here and now and makes you fully present. It makes you feel so good that you don’t even want to think about anything else but be fully in this moment and soak it up.

The more you practice the art of being present, the more you will energetically open yourself up to feeling love for others and yourself!

4. Appreciation Journal

Appreciation Journal

Evolution and the need to survive have conditioned us to focus on everything that we feel is wrong, dangerous, or negative. This might help us survive, but it will not be enough to help us thrive.

This habit of negative focus makes us look at ourselves and our lives, searching for everything that is not perfect and everything we would like to change.

Luckily, you can turn these mind patterns around! Create a journal where you write daily everything you appreciate about yourself and your life.

You will be surprised at how many good things you have overlooked or taken for granted! This will gradually develop a habit of looking for the good in yourself and others and will energetically align you with positive feelings towards yourself.

Your energy feeds anything you focus on.

5. Heal Your Inner Child

No matter how old we are, you were once a child. How this child was treated, and experienced life shaped the way you look at the world right now.

Healing your inner child and giving them love is one of the most powerful things you can do to manifest self-love!

There is no time in the quantum field, and therefore with your thoughts and in meditation, you can access any point in time you want. Visualize yourself in childhood. Imagine yourself embracing this child and giving them as much love as possible.

Do this as often as possible. This will restructure your energy field and align your life with the frequency of contentment, love, and acceptance!

6. Engage in Self Care

Engage In Self Care

Too often, when we lack self-love, we might start neglecting our self-care and our well-being. We believe that we will be worthy of good treatment once we achieve certain things or look a certain way.

From the perspective of the Law of Attraction, this only pushes your desired reality further away.

Think of things that you can do to take care of your soul, your body, and your mind.

  • Maybe you want to take a day off and take yourself on a date?
  • Maybe create a relaxing evening routine without your phone?
  • Maybe go to a spa or give yourself a goddess bath with crystals and candles?

Whatever it is, engage in this as much as possible and have only one goal – enjoy yourself as much as possible.

7. Self Forgiveness

It is not easy to forgive yourself for past mistakes. But the more you hold on to them and ruminate on what you wish you would have done differently, the more you hold yourself hostage.

This makes you unable to live fully in the present moment and embrace the opportunities that come your way.

If you have a habit of beating yourself up for things you believe you have done wrong, look up practices and guided meditations for self-forgiveness. This will completely transform how you look at life and how you feel about yourself.

It will restructure your energy field, open you up to a new life and move away roadblocks from your path towards self-love!

8. What Would Someone Who Love Themselves Do?

Spiritual teacher Teal Swan teaches a lot about self-love. If you feel you need extra help with this, you can check out her online courses!

She advises those who are struggling with self-love to ask themselves: “What would someone who loves themselves do?”.

This can be your mantra when making decisions. Then, follow the answer you received.

The more you follow this inner guidance of “someone who loves themselves,” the more you will align yourself with the frequency of being such a person.

Someone who loves themselves is most likely your future self!


Most of us have been heavily affected by social ideas and programs and have a wrong idea about what love is.

We believe it to be a strong emotion, a desire, and a craving for the other person to complete us like we have been taught to believe by Disney movies and Hollywood. This has nothing to do with the true meaning of love.

When we love unconditionally, we are unconditionally accepting, present, and caring with whomever we love.

This applies to self-love as well. You might mess up, not like the way you look, or feel you haven’t accomplished what you wanted. These are not reasons to neglect yourself and stop loving yourself fully!

Care for yourself as you would for a small child. Be present with yourself, and don’t judge your feelings and emotions. This will help you manifest self-love and bless you with a life happier than you have ever imagined!