How To Text an Aries Man (Must-Know Tips & Tricks)

How To Text An Aries Man

Aries men are the perfect definition of what masculinity is in reality.

They are passionate, protective, and fierce. It won’t be much of a surprise if you have had your love hook deep inside an Aries man, and it is understandable if you are looking for ways to draw him out of the water without breaking your fishing line.

Perhaps you have chosen the unconventional route by approaching him through text. It will help if you are careful enough to go about it correctly by finding some helpful tips on how to text an Aries man.

To get an Aries man’s attention through text, you should strive to always go straight to the point and reply to his texts quickly. Aries men may lose interest if you keep going back and forth for too long without establishing your purpose.

Read more if you would like to learn tips you can use when you want to text an Aries man.

Tips You Can Use When You Want To Text an Aries Man

Tips You Can Use When You Want To Text An Aries Man

Many people will argue that texting is one of the best ways to break the ice, as it is easy to express yourself flawlessly.

You can take your time to write and edit as much as you want before hitting the send button, unlike the other option that may include you approaching each other physically, where you may only have one chance to get the pickup line right.

However, sometimes you may be lost for ideas on the manner of approach to use when you want to text someone, probably because your emotions are preventing you from being expressive.

You may be too skeptical about making a move because you are scared you will make a mess of the situation. If you find yourself in this circumstance with an Aries man, here are some tips you can use.

1. Make the First Move

Counting the most ambitious zodiac signs is almost impossible without listing Aries. They are very particular about creating goals and accomplishing them. For this reason, Aries men are always impressed by people who will stop at nothing to get what they desire.

Therefore, if you can make the first move and explicitly text an Aries man about your intentions, that act alone is enough to create a good impression.

Nonetheless, it will help if you are careful enough to know the right words and always reply to his texts quickly. Else, a Taurus man may lose interest or even ignore the message altogether.

2. Be Entertaining

Aries men have a good sense of humor that trumps limits, so feel free to send him your best jokes when you start texting him. This trick will help ease the mood and make the conversation go as smoothly as possible.

If you are not big on humor yourself, you might want to find a way to channel your inner wit because Aries men have a soft spot for hilarious women.

You can learn one or two jokes on the internet in several ways, but the most crucial part is your delivery. If you have a good joke, but you are unable to present it in a good way, it might not fulfill its original purpose, which is to make him laugh and feel comfortable talking to you.

On the contrary, this might make things even more awkward between you and him.

3. Tease Him Sexually

One of the quickest ways to capture an Aries man’s attention is to create some sexual tension while texting him. Aries men are not the type that berates you if you unhesitatingly declare your sexual intent with them because that’s most likely what they will also do if they are in such a position.

Nevertheless, ensure that you do it playfully to avoid making it look weird. You could chip in a sexual reference or indication while in the middle of the conversation. If the Aries man responds well to it, you can repeat it a couple more times.

It will also help if you keep it simple and periodic if you don’t want the tease to lose taste and purpose.

4. Be Optimistic

Every zodiac sign has a unique attribute that tops the list of what they want in a partner. For Aries, one of such characteristics is optimism.

An Aries man may condone several flaws, but pessimism is not one of them. They are very critical about the type of people they allow into their personal space.

If you give an Aries man reason to believe you are not an optimistic person, he won’t hesitate to shut off entirely even before you find your way to his space.

Always showcase your optimism regardless of the conversation, especially in the early stages. You will inevitably crawl your way into the heart of that Aries man that has caught your eye.

It will also be a bonus if you can randomly send him some morale-boosting texts from time to time. By doing this, an Aries man will find you highly irresistible.


Everyone who has, at one point or other, had genuine feelings for someone will know how hard it can be when you want to talk to someone you like.

This is so because of several reasons, ranging from fear of rejection, the struggle to make an excellent first impression, or simply the lack of adequate experience.

It doesn’t matter what your reason might be, but as long as this person you are trying to talk to is an Aries man, you can always use any or all of the approaches mentioned in this article. Such as making the first move, keeping the text entertaining, and being optimistic.