Aquarius Birthstones: Meanings, Benefits & Tips

What Stone Is Aquarius?

If you are a late January to mid-February fellow, you got Uranus as the ruling planet. The symbol endowed to this sign is the water bearer, which by no wonder signifies the subtle energies of Aquarians. People of this zodiac are simply unpredictable!

Being natural rebels, Aquarius people have to counter particular challenges. But the birthstones of Aquarius are there to help them combat the obstacles!

These stones present different aspects of strength and power, which an Aquarius must harness.

So the question arises, what stone is Aquarius?

The stone which holds primary importance for Aquarius is amethyst. Amethyst imparts positive energy to the auras of Aquarians. Other stones for Aquarians are garnet and jasper. They act as “lucky stones” for the water-bearers as they offer them endless spiritual and health benefits.

If you are an anxious Aqua looking for your stone, do not fret! Let’s dive deep and see what these stones mean for you.

Amethyst – the Stone of Protection

Amethyst - The Stone Of Protection

Amethyst is the peerless and primary stone for Aquarians. It reflects absolute serenity, gentleness, and spirituality. It is the influx of inner peace. So, astrologists refer to amethyst as the lucky gemstone for Aquarians.

But have you wondered why amethyst is specifically for Aquarians?

Astrology regards Uranus and Saturn as the ruling planets of Aquarius. The energies of these planets work best in favor of Aquarius with the help of the amethyst stone. In a nutshell, amethyst imbibes the forces of these planets and loosens the things that agitate you.

Physical Occult

Amethyst is a gemstone of affluence and inner peace, a purple variety of quartz and plume-hued. It has soft and serene lavender-like colors that collect and scatter light. However, the color varies from light lavender to deep purple.

It is the charisma of the amethyst stone that it sparkles around the spectrum. Upon the glimmer of light, lavender and purplish shade can transition into pinkish hues. Because of this stagnant property, Aquarians have a flowing and lively nature.

Healing Properties for Aquarians

This decades-old amethyst stone works like magic for the Aquarius people. The luster sweeps off the feet of anxious Aquarians because of its striking splendor and protection. You won’t believe it, but it clears up the blurred thoughts and unwinds the anxiety!

Aquarius’ lucky stone has a stimulating effect on Aquarians minds, souls, and bodies. Some of the emotional healing properties of amethyst for Aquarius people are: 

  • It clears anxiety and promotes serenity.
  • It nurtures thinking.
  • It wipes away negative thoughts.
  • It refines the power of decision-making.
  • It replenishes their spirituality.

Besides emotional benefits, amethyst offers endless perks to the physical well-being of Aquarius people, too.

  • Promotes healthy sleep.
  • Prevents migraine.
  • Uplifts the immune system.
  • Regulates hormones.
  • Regulates mood swings.

Garnet – the Stone of Commitment

Garnet - The Stone Of Commitment

Garnet, a red wine-colored stone, is a lucky stone for January Aquarians. It is the stone of strength, growth, and stability.

The physical occult of this stone shows a translucent and glossy luster. Garnet possesses specific energy that symbolizes verification and purity.

It offers endless healing benefits to Aquarians, such as boosting confidence and energy. People who feel reluctant to stand up and feel doubtful can seek enthusiasm and energy from the garnet stone.

Healing Properties for Aquarians

Some of the emotional healing benefits of garnet are:

  • Activates passion.
  • Detoxifies the aura.
  • Ignites the potential.
  • Gives the power to handle a crisis.
  • Improves the strength of commitment.

Garnet offers super health benefits, too, such as:

  • Brushes away toxins from the body.
  • Keeps blood flow smooth.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Absorbs maximum nutrients for the body.
  • Reduces body toxins.

Jasper – the Stone of Nurturing

Jasper - The Stone Of Nurturing

This opaque version of quartz, jasper stone, is super crucial for Aquarians. Being a nurturing gem, it contributes to protecting the Aquarians. The physical properties show various lustrous colors such as black, yellow, brown, yellow, orange, and green.

The crimson-red jasper symbolizes passion and security. It is the type of stone that holds the energy to every corner. Hence, this stone has supreme power to the core for healing, especially for the people of Aquarius.

Healing Properties for Aquarians

Because it is recognized as the ‘supreme nurturer, jasper offers infinite healing benefits for Aquarians. If you are an Aquarian and feeling lost, this stone is a perfect lucky charm. It’ll let you fly higher and dig deeper!

Some of the emotional benefits of jasper for Aquarians are:

  • Brings tranquility.
  • Releases stress.
  • Balances energy.
  • Improves focus.
  • Brushes away the negativity.
  • Reconnects to life.
  • Unleashes creativity.

Jasper is also a bonus for Aquarians in terms of physical benefits such as:

  • Balances stamina.
  • Re-energies the body.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Accelerates recovery from illness.
  • Decreases body odor.

How To Use the Stones as an Aquarius

How To Use The Stones As An Aquarius

If you are an Aquarian and puzzled about how to keep up with the energy of your lucky stones, worry not! You can use these stones to absorb all the energy into your aura in many creative ways.         

The stones need to connect with you to shine the light upon you. The best way to keep the rocks close to you is by wearing their jewelry. However, you can also benefit from it by placing it at home or office.

Check out the following epic ways to keep up the energy from your stones.

  • Either amethyst, garnet, or jasper, you can wear any of your favorite stones as a bracelet, pendant, or finger ring. The contact with the skin will quicken the rush of energy into your aura.
  • You can place the stone at a respective place of chaos in your home or hang it as a grid on the wall.
  • Keep the stone in your pocket or bag. Whenever stressed, pull the stone out.
  • Put the stone at the entrance of your home to dissipate all the toxic energies.
Editor’s Tip

If you are wearing more than one stone, it is better to cleanse them before taking them off. It will avoid the clash of energies and maintain a balanced flow of energy within your aura.  

Final Thoughts

The stones of Aquarius are powerful and precious. Amethyst, garnet, and jasper – all carry a miraculous healing power that rejuvenates the Aquarian’s aura. Astrology has ascribed a powerful spirit to these stones, serving them for strength, protection, and inner growth.

So, if you are stuck in the challenges of your life, bring the stones and let them glow into your life!