7 Tarot Questions About Your Ex (& Expected Answers)

Tarot Questions About Ex

Breaking up with someone can be a difficult transition. It leaves you feeling hurt, confused, and uncertain about the future. You keep wondering what your ex-partner is thinking.

Do you want to know if they are missing the relationship as much as you are? Has anything in their life changed since the breakup?

If you read tarot cards to get insights into a relationship with an ex, the possibilities are endless. Tarot cards are powerful tools that offer guidance on any topic—from love to career decisions.

With these ancient cards, one gets clarity on seemingly complex questions about their ex-soulmate.

But before doing a love tarot reading, it is essential to prepare yourself. Have realistic expectations, and choose your questions wisely.

So, what tarot questions can you ask about an ex?

Ask tarot cards open-ended questions that provide a clear perspective into your situation. For example:

  • “How can I get my ex back?”
  • “Am I included in their plans?”
  • “Are they getting intimate with someone else?”
  • “What should I know before moving on from this relationship?”

Are you ready to take advantage of the powerful energies of tarot? Let’s dive deep into this article and make a wise move before it’s too late.

7 Questions To Ask Tarot Cards About Your Ex

Questions To Ask Tarot Cards About Ex

Accept it or not, you need to know the truth before moving on. Sometimes, the answers you get from tarot might surprise you. The unbiased signals from the cards also point out a particular course of action.

Here, we have listed seven questions to help you understand and make peace with the current situation.

1. How Can I Get My Ex Back?

The answer to this query helps you understand the underlying cause of your breakup and provide a clear plan to get back with them.

It offers insights into how you can mend things and restore the relationship. You will also be enlightened on what to do or say that could bring them back.

Tarot cards guide you to:

  • Act with wisdom and patience.
  • Understand the needs of both parties.
  • Address their needs with compassion.
  • Find out ways of reunion.

2. Am I Included in Their Plans?

This question helps you to know if they still have you in their life plans. The answer could tell if they are holding onto something from the past or have already moved on.

Let’s say you have drawn the Tower tarot card. It indicates the end of a situation. That means they have severed the ties with you and plan to stay away from the relationship.

This way, you know if your previous partner is willing to take things further.

3. Will They Contact Me Soon?

This statement provides a glimpse into the future and tells you what they have in store for you.

You might think of giving it another shot, but the cards provide a better view of the whole situation. It’s like getting a second opinion before taking any major decision.

Many tarot spreads for relationships are suitable to answer this question. For example, the three-card tarot spread is used to inquire about our partner’s mood, their feelings towards us, and the chances of getting a response.

4. What Steps Should I Take To Heal Old Wounds?

The best way to move on from a breakup is to heal the wounds. Tarot cards offer valuable advice to help you overcome this pain and start afresh.

The Strength card is an excellent example of such healing energies. It symbolizes courage, determination, and fortitude. It helps one to find strength in themselves and take the right action.

It also urges you to:

  • Get closure from the past.
  • Release all the grudges.
  • Be their friend and not an enemy.
  • Embrace the newfound freedom.

5. Are They Getting Physical With Someone Else?

That doubt of your partner getting intimate with someone else can drive you nuts. But worry not! Tarot cards are here to help you.

By consulting the cards, one can understand if their partner is cheating and sleeping with other lovers. The Three of Swords tarot shows the imagery of a heart pierced by swords—which means betrayal.

It is among other bad omen tarot cards to warn you about the insincerity of your broken mate.

6. Does My Ex Still Have Feelings for Me?

One thing always stops lovers from moving on—the feeling of unrequited love. If you are also going through the same emotions, it’s time to unbox your tarot deck and dive into the unknown.

The tarot understands if your ex still has feelings for you or not. In this case, the Lovers card can be pretty helpful. It shows the strong bond between two persons and reflects the connection of hearts.

So, this tarot question predicts how your ex truly feels about you. And whether you should take the plunge or move on.

7. What Should I Do To Make Them Miss Me?

These fortune cards can give valuable advice if you want your previous partner to miss you. Once again, the Lovers card can be beneficial in this regard.

It shows that a person is missing their old flame and feels frustrated when those feelings are not reciprocated. It is a sign that you need to do something to bring back the spark in your relationship.

Be patient and kind with your former flame. With time and effort, they will eventually notice it and start missing you. So make sure to stay strong throughout this journey.

Is Your Ex Really Into Them?

Is Your Ex Really Into Them

This one is interesting. Imagine your partner is moved on successfully and found someone new. But are they really into them?

You might want to get the answer to this puzzling question. After all, you don’t want to rock the boat, right?

To figure out the truth, start with a tarot reading and stick to a two-card tarot spread.

  • Card 1: Shows the current situation between your ex and their new partner.
  • Card 2: Shows the potential outcome of this relationship.

Based on these two cards, you can make an informed decision about the future of your ex’s new relationship. And get the peace of mind that you are looking for.


Tarot questions about ex provide valuable insights into a love story gone wrong. From understanding the current emotions of a former mate to finding out if they are getting physical with someone else, these cards offer it all.

To get answers, simply pick tarot spreads that match your question and have faith in these wise divinations! They show you the path that has been chosen for you by the universe.