Big 3 in Astrology: Your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

What Is My Big Three In Astrology?

If you have never felt like your zodiac sign all your life, it may be time to check out the rest of your natal chart.

As each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, there are three most important points in your birth chart that also have traits. These are commonly known as the “Big 3.”

The Big 3 in astrology is what we refer to as the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant or Rising Signs. The Sun sign is what’s commonly referred to as your zodiac sign. The Moon sign represents your inner self and heart. Finally, the Ascendant or Rising sign governs your first impressions of others, initial style of engagement, and appearance.

Do you ever feel like a Gemini? Not quite a Leo? Keep reading to explore the Big 3 in astrology.

How Do I Get My Big 3 in Astrology?

How Do I Get My Big 3 In Astrology?

You probably already know your sun sign. To know your Big 3, you’ll need accurate birth information, including your exact birth time, to know your ascendant sign.

It is important to know your exact birth time to get the most accurate information, as the rising sign changes about every two hours. After which, you can input your data into a free birth chart generator.

What Your Big 3 Means

Did you know that you should actually be looking at your Ascendant sign when checking your horoscope? This is because the rising sign is more specific and changes several times a day.

Your Big 3 — Sun, Moon, and Rising signs in astrology are essential to your understanding of who you are, how you interact with others, and how the universe is working with you. They represent your ego, emotions, and identity.

The Big 3 combine to create a layer of our personalities as people.

For example, my friend, who is a Libra Sun, is much more emotional, contrary to her logical air sign. It is Because of her Cancer moon. And while she is absolutely social, she appears mysterious and distrustful when others first meet her. She’s a Scorpio Ascendant.

Scroll down to find out what each planet means to you!

The Sun

The Sun

All planets revolve around the Sun. It is the strongest part of our charts and the aptly named Solar System. It stays in a sign for about 30 days.

The Sun and its sign are the heart of your birth chart. It represents your purpose, vitality, pride, and ego. If your life’s a stage play, the Sun is the role you’re born to play.

The Sun sign can be likened to that of the foundation of a structure. It is the first one to be established and the last one to go when everything else falls.

For example, if your sun sign is Sagittarius, then your purest expression is that of a philosopher and adventurer. If your Sun is in the 10th House, you see your ego is highly linked to your career and public image.

Your sun sign is the essence of your core, who you are. It is our true purpose and talent.

The Moon

The Moon

The moon sign is your subconscious and emotional world. The Moon stays in a sign for about two and a half days.

If your Sun sign is your ego and pride, the Moon is your heart. In a stage play, if your role is your sun sign, the Moon sign is learning to read between the lines you were given.

It is how you feel when your ego is hurt. It is how you are in the comfort of your home, what constitutes a home for you in the first place, and what gives you security.

Knowing your moon sign can give you an insight as to how to need to be nurtured. 

For instance, if you have Moon in Taurus, the sign of resources, your emotional security is likely highly linked to your material security. If your Moon is in an air sign, you are likely to intellectualize your feelings.

The Moon is also traditionally linked to the mother and can very well reflect your relationship with your own mother.

The Moon reflects what makes you feel safe and what you need to feel nurtured. It governs how you define self-care and your instinctive emotional responses to stimuli.

The Sun and Moon signs are sometimes called external and internal signs.

The Ascendant or Rising Sign

The Ascendant Or Rising Sign

The Ascendant or Rising sign is not a luminary, unlike the Sun or Moon. It is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, which changes about every two hours.

The ascendant is your initial style of engagement. If the sun sign is your purpose, the ascendant sign tells you how you can take the first step toward it.

A person who has their Sun in Virgo and Ascendant in Aquarius can find herself developing her talent for organization and service in a unique, innovative manner.

Your rising sign is also how you appear in the world. It is how you initially react to new experiences.

For instance, you could be a Leo Sun, but much more serious and formal when you first meet people. Then you find out it’s because you have a Capricorn Rising!

The ascendant sign also influences your appearance as it determines the First House of the physical body.

For example, Scorpio Ascendants are known to have sharp, bird-like features, while Pisces Risings are known for their soft, glassy eyes. Sagittarius Ascendants, on the other hand, are usually taller than average and have long limbs.

In Summary

Basically, astrology is more accurate than you think. So the next time you want to put someone down for their star sign, take a moment to look and see what they have going on in their chart. Astrology isn’t as simple as it seems, but that’s what makes it so cool.

Your Sun sign is the most important because it makes up your personality and how you operate in the world. The Moon sign gives an insight into your intuition, self-care, and instinctive responses.

The Ascendant or Rising sign gives you a lot of information about how people see you at first glance, as well as your physical appearance.

With the Big Three, you’ve only scratched the surface of astrology; your life is much deeper than what you know.