Why Do People Hate Scorpio? (Top 5 Toxic Traits)

Why Do People Hate Scorpio?

All Zodiac signs have their pros and cons, but regardless of how much the pros outweigh the cons, some people would still find a reason to hate a particular Zodiac sign.

However, on average, some signs are widely hated by most people for various reasons. When talking about the most hated Zodiac signs, Gemini would arguably take the lead, and coming in a close second would be Scorpio.

Apart from being one of the most misunderstood signs, Scorpios are naturally highly possessive, jealous, spiteful when offended, and incredibly secretive.

Scorpios may not see these as terrible characters, as they consider them standard traits expected of everyone. Hence, why they sometimes get confused about why most people hate them.

A Scorpio would only understand how terrible some of these attributes they possess are when they are on the receiving end of it, which explains why some Scorpios hate being with other Scorpios.

Read further as we discuss details of every bad character that a Scorpio possess that makes them hated by most.

Toxic Traits That Make People Hate Scorpios

Toxic Traits That Make People Hate Scorpios

Many people tend to avoid going into relationships with Scorpios because they consider most of their characteristics red flags. Examples of these traits include:


Scorpios are exceptionally good at studying people and knowing what decisions they are likely to make. As much as this attribute is admirable, Scorpios tend to use it for sinister motives, such as manipulation. This trait is common to many Scorpios, but most are very good at hiding it.

A Scorpio would make you feel like you are the one in charge of calling the shots, while in reality, they have calculated every possible move you can create and will manipulate you into choosing the most favorable one for them. If you are smart enough to unveil this cunning move from them, you might hate them for it and, in turn, stay away from them for as long as possible.


A little bit of jealousy may be welcomed in relationships, but with Scorpios, the envy is not subtle. They become envious and would create a fuss over every tiny or even unnecessary act when in a relationship. If a Scorpio should find out that their partner is communicating too much with someone else, they will set the whole place ablaze.

Scorpios are even jealous when it comes to ordinary friendship. They don’t like to share the attention of their friends or feel like you are ignoring them for another person. Also, when it comes to life achievements and other similar situations, a Scorpio would always wish that every good thing happens to them instead of others.


Jealousy and possessiveness are traits that Scorpios possess because of the way they love deeply. To them, that’s the right way to show that you love someone. However, if this love they have for you ever goes sour because they feel you hurt them, the hate they will have for you will be even more potent than the love they ever had for you.

Scorpios have no limits when they are out to hurt you. They would stop at nothing to make sure they get their pound of flesh back. If Scorpios choose not to react when you offend them, they would completely lock you out of their lives forever, not minding whatever relationship they have with you. Scorpios are highly vengeful.


Dealing with a Scorpio is difficult because of their aggression. You wouldn’t want to be too close to them because you might risk getting them angry. Likewise, rejecting the advances of a Scorpio is also a dangerous thing to do, as they don’t handle rejection well.

Scorpios are always on a quest to attain transformation, and they can barely do this without inciting some level of drama, which most times includes aggression that might hurt the people around them. Scorpios are hated because they find it hard to control their aggressiveness.


This attribute is the root of most of all Scorpios’s flaws. Their insecurity on the inside is enormous, and as a result, they tend to exhibit most of the negative attributes listed above as a form of coping mechanism. Scorpios are proactive in protecting their insecurities, and that’s why they would rather hurt people instead of waiting for people to hurt them first.

Due to their insecurity, Scorpios tend to be highly secretive. They always protect themselves from anything that would leave them vulnerable or susceptible to being hurt. Scorpios are very good at hiding their emotions and are one of the best at doing such out of all the Zodiac signs.


Naturally, Scorpios are overtly protective of their insecurities and would always do whatever they can to protect themselves from being hurt. In doing this, they might hurt most people around them, unknowingly or not. Scorpios are not entirely terrible people who deserve the hate they get, they are just mostly misunderstood.

If you care enough to find out why a Scorpio does what they do, you might find a reasonable explanation for their actions, which might influence how you feel about them. Nonetheless, on the surface, it is understandable that Scorpios are one of the most hated signs because of their negative attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sign is compatible with Scorpio?

Scorpios are highly compatible with other Scorpios because of their similarities, which other signs might not understand. They are also compatible with other water signs, such as Cancers and Pisces.

Do Scorpios make good friends?

Scorpios make good friends if you put in the effort to understand the reasons behind their actions. Else, you might see them as mysterious and uninterested individuals.