Which Zodiac Signs Are Sagittarius’ Enemies?

Who Is Sagittarius Enemy?

Sagittarius are mostly always very optimistic about situations and the people around them. As such, it may not seem likely that they can have people they will consider their natural enemies.

Nevertheless, like every other zodiac sign, Sagittarius’ are susceptible to being friends or enemies with people simply because of their zodiac.

If you have never paid close attention to this theory, you might have a hard time believing the possibility of this happening.

However, if you are keen, you will realize that this theory can help explain why you naturally get along with some people and why you have always found it hard to maintain a friendly relationship with others.

Here comes the question, who is Sagittarius’s enemy?

Top on the list of zodiac signs that are likely to be an enemy of Sagittarius is Pisces, and this is a result of their overtly cautious nature. Virgos come at a close second on the list also because of their serious personality, which may affect the free-spirited nature of Sagittarius.

This article will provide information you might need to decipher which zodiac signs will likely be your enemy as a Sagittarius.

5 Zodiacs Signs That Are Considered To Be Sagittarius’s Enemies

Several reasons could make zodiac signs either blend seamlessly or repel strongly. Some of these factors may include natural organization because while some zodiac signs are obsessed with having everything in order, others may have the habit of being disorderly in action.

When two people on the extreme edge of the above factors meet, it will be chaotic from the beginning because they will never stop getting on each other’s nerves. Some other components also influence the connection level between zodiac signs.

When all of these factors are put into consideration, the zodiac signs that are more likely to fall under the enemies of Sagittarius include:



As stated earlier, Sagittarius’ are highly optimistic people who want to enjoy all the good things the world offers. They do everything within their means to steer clear of anything they consider bad energy. These include anyone and anything that will hinder them from having the kind of fun they want.

Pisces, on the other hand, overthink things before acting. They like to consider every possible scenario, including the negative ones. Hence, Sagittarius doesn’t consider them optimistic enough to be in their circle. Often, they would argue over what is the right move to make and how to go about it.

To avoid these constant arguments, a Sagittarius will ensure that they reduce how much interaction they have with Pisces. This action may sometimes be subconscious, especially if the Sagittarius person is unaware of the relationship friction between their zodiac sign and Pisces.



The relationship between Virgos and Sagittarius is filled with numerous rollercoasters. These two are the most appropriate examples to cite when discussing zodiac incompatibility. Their differences are too vast apart, so much that it causes a major rift between them whenever they have a union.

The biggest problem that Sagittarius people have with Virgos is their habit of always trying to make meticulous preparation before getting anything done. Although it is a commendable habit, Sagittarius doesn’t find it as such because they believe it is merely an excuse to be reluctant about everything.

While Virgos will never bend to the will of Sagittarius’s impulsive decisions, Sagittarius will also not compromise on the pace at which they like to take action because a Virgo suggests it. Consequently, both zodiacs tend to spend more time fighting and hating each other.



If you are familiar with how most Taurus behave, you will easily understand they will never get along with Sagittarius because of their stubbornness. Tauruses are very persistent and will always find it challenging to cope with any zodiac sign that is rigid with their approach to things.   

You can only cope with Taurus if you are always willing to make compromises. Otherwise, you will barely have any peaceful time with them, as you will spend the better parts of your time with them arguing about what is right or wrong. 



What mainly affects the relationship between Cancers and Sagittarius is the overwhelming emotions that Cancers mostly find themselves in. Sagittarius’ are not the type who dwells on past activities, especially the unpleasant ones. They always like to pick themselves back up and face other challenges.

Cancers, on the other hand, cannot get over awful situations quickly. It takes a long time before they slowly pick themselves back up and dust the losses away. When they do this, they tend to affect people around them with their emotions, which Sagittarius doesn’t like.

Even when Sagittarius are the ones directly affected, they always manage to stay afloat and move on. As a result, they get infuriated when they see someone else trying to dampen their mood because they fail to move on from their pain.



This zodiac sign is the trickiest one on the list because they have a lot in common and should naturally get along with Sagittarius. The problem arises when Sagittarius discovers that Scorpios often fake all their shared mutual attributes.

Scorpios also find it infuriating that Sagittarius possesses all the attributes they have to acquire through any means, including deceit. The relationship between them mostly starts on a good note, but in the end, they become enemies when the absolute truth sees the light of day.


The concept of astrology makes it easy to decipher some information that would have been left unraveled. You have probably noticed that you get along with some particular zodiac signs more than others, but you can not figure out why.

This article must have clarified this by informing you that some zodiac signs mostly find themselves in each other’s bad books naturally. For Sagittarius, their enemies have a high probability of falling under Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus.