How To Manifest With the Moon (Moon Rituals)

How To Manifest With The Moon

The Moon is a powerful symbol of feminine energy, and as such, it can be a helpful tool for manifesting your desires. When working with the Moon, it is important to consider the different phases of the lunar cycle, as each one offers different opportunities for manifestation.

Moon manifestation is the art of using the lunar cycles to intentionally manifest your desires. Just as the Moon governs the tides, it is also said to affect our moods, emotions, and energy levels. By working with the Moon’s energies, we can set the intention to manifest our deepest desires.

Moon is your best friend when manifesting. To manifest with the Moon, you need to decide on your intention, get to know Moon cycles and connect with the Moon’s energy. You need to use the force of each Moon phase correctly, trust the process and express gratitude to the Moon.

The Moon goes through eight phases each month, and each phase provides an opportunity to work with different energies to manifest your desires.

When working with the Moon to manifest your desires, it is important to remember that your thoughts and emotions are also powerful tools.

The energy of your Intentions, combined with the Moon’s phases, can create powerful synergies to help you manifest your desires more easily and effectively. Read on to discover the 9 powerful steps that help you manifest with the Moon.

9 Steps To Manifest With the Moon

9 Steps To Manifest With The Moon

Working with the Moon can be a helpful way to focus your manifestation efforts and bring about your desired results more quickly.

Keep in mind the different phases of the Moon, connect with the Moon throughout the month, and use the energy of each one to help you Manifest your desires.

1. Set Your Intention

Get clear about what you want to manifest. Spend time meditating or journaling about your dreams and what you hope to achieve.

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What do you desire?

Write down everything that comes to mind, and then prioritize your list. It will help you decide when you should perform your manifesting ritual.

2. Get To Know Moon Cycles

Know when the moon cycle begins and ends. Get to know the moon cycles.

The new Moon is when the manifestation process begins, and the full Moon is when you see the results of your manifestation. You can print a card of the moon cycles and keep it on your desk or buy a planner with lunar cycles.

Think of ways you can conveniently stay up to date with the Moon’s cycle.

3. Set Your Goals During the New Moon

Set your goals and intentions during the new Moon. It is when you start planting the seeds for what you want to manifest.

It is the perfect time to make plans, manifest new beginnings, start new projects, and create vision boards.

4. Visualize Your Goals During the Waxing Moon

As the moon waxes, visualize your goals and what you want to manifest. See it in your mind’s eye as if it has already happened.

The more you visualize and focus on positive feelings that arise with your manifestation, the stronger you magnetize your intentions into your life.

5. Take Action Toward Your Goals During the Full Moon

Take action towards your goals when the Moon is full. It is when you put your manifestation into motion.

Be bold and brave, and don’t hold back. During this phase, the Moon supports you with full force and shines its bright light on your path.

6. Let Go During the Waning Moon

The waning Moon is an ideal time to let go.

It is a time to surrender your expectations to the Universe’s will and release your attachment to the outcome. It is also a prime time to manifest release from things you wish to let go of.

It is the time to finish projects and relationships you wish to end, detox, cleanse, and purge the old. It is the perfect time to cleanse your mind and energy field and release your old traumas, blockages, pains, and resentment.

Drink plenty of water during this time as you are likely to release more toxins from your body than during other moon phases.

7. Trust the Process

Trust that the Universe will deliver what you’ve been manifesting. Trust that the Universe has your back, and everything will eventually work out.

The Universe always has your best interest in mind, regardless if it seems challenging at the moment.

8. Connect With the Moon

Connect with the Moon and tune into its energy throughout the month. Meditate on the Moon, do a moon ritual or simply spend time outdoors under the moonlight.

It is believed that when your body is in sync with natural cycles, you might have your period on New Moon or Full Moon.

Each of these has a meaning, and both are considered good signs.

If you wish to strengthen your bond with the Moon throughout the month, you can wear jewelry with moonstones, and a pure silver bracelet on your left hand, decorate your home with images of the Moon and cook with lunar herbs. You can display an embroidered Moon tarot card on your wall.

By surrounding yourself with symbols of the Moon, you’ll always be connected to its energy.

9. Express Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have and what you’re manifesting. Express your gratitude to the Universe for supporting you in your manifestation process.

Thank the Moon for helping your manifestation efforts and for being there to light up your path every night. Moon is your powerful guide in the realm of the subconscious mind.

You can thank the Moon and send it your blessings every time you see it or at night before you fall asleep.

10. Rest and Reflect During Eclipse

A final word of caution – do not attempt to manifest during the lunar eclipse.

The energy during the eclipse can be challenging and chaotic, and it is not a good idea to manifest during this time.

This time is excellent for introspection, reflection, and journaling. Rest as much as possible, don’t overwhelm yourself with projects, and drink plenty of water.


There are many reasons why Moon manifestation is powerful. It takes advantage of the natural lunar cycle to amplify your manifestation efforts. It helps align your energy with your goal.

When you use Moon manifestation, you are tapping into a powerful natural force that can help you to manifest your desires.

Keep working with the energy of the Moon, have full trust, and the Universe will transform your life for the better!